NetSuite Advanced Billing & Revenue Management

Bill and recognize revenue however you want natively in NetSuite.

ZoneBilling is a native SuiteApp, built for NetSuite meaning that all of ZoneBilling's functionality rests within the NetSuite platform and is operated directly out of your NetSuite interface. Bussinesses can use our powerful API Wrapper as part of ZoneBilling's Integrate features to connect to 3rd party applications, such as CRM, CPQ, and tax software like Avalara. Because ZoneBilling is built natively in NetSuite ERP, businesses see savings in time and total cost of ownership as the need to maintain multiple sets of data, systems, internal resources, and processes are eliminated.

With ZoneBilling, businesses are able to manage everything from simple, fixed recurring subscriptions to complex contracts with multiple billing scenarios, such as usage-based licenses, services fees, inventory, price tiering, and more. Businesses move to ZoneBilling because they know that their relationship with customers is always evovling and so will the way they bill, meaning flexible solutions inside an ERP provide the scalability needed for growth without sacrificing the functionality for innovation.

Many businesses manage revenue and billing separately given the complexity of requirements at both ends of the lead-to-revenue process. ZoneBilling allows you to bring both simple and complex billing and revenue directly into NetSuite by taking advantage of ZoneBilling's innovative architecture and NetSuite's powerful Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) functionality. Together, you have the ability to automate everything from order to ledger without losing any visibility or risking compliance.


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Subscriptions, Renewals, Contracts, Inventory & more – managed, billed and recognized in NetSuite

ZoneBilling was developed specifically for NetSuite, based on requests from NetSuite users, to manage everything from the most common, to the most complex, billing requirements of NetSuite customers the world over.   Whether you manage projects, straightforward monthly billing, or a complex international contract including multi-currency, multi-tier, usage-based billing for a combination of products and services – we’ve probably got you need.  
Contracts, subscriptions & recurring billing
ZoneBilling extends NetSuite to provide you with a single record to manage the entire customer lifecycle from initial purchase to upsells, downsells, change orders, renewals, or cancellation (hopefully not!).  

Using our purpose-built subscription record in NetSuite, you can automatically create and manage orders, bills and credits based on billing rate type and charge schedule. This means you can bill and recognize everything from simple one-time fees, fixed recurring bills, or pay as you go setups, through to usage-based billing including inventory items, pre-payments, minimum commitments, co-termination of contracts with pro-rata pricing, automated renewals, and more. All completely within NetSuite.
Manage complex pricing from quote to ledger
However you handle pricing (or hope to in the future), ZoneBilling offers the flexibility and framework you need. Whether you use standard inventory and service items in NetSuite to build quotes and orders, or you utilize a CRM or CPQ solution, ZoneBilling can handle everything from straightforward quantity discounts to temporary subscription uplifts, usage-based billing or a completely unique one-off combination of requirements. Since ZoneBilling is built natively in NetSuite, you can easily manage pricing for multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and regions out-of-the-box. Even better, all of your financial data is reportable to line-level detail within your core finance system.
This is the kind of invoicing worth dreaming about
Billing different items to multiple locations but shipping everything to one, all on the same contract that you renew every year with uplifts and minimum commitments? Cool, we dig it. Selling a simple seat-based subscription to a business with 38 entities? Go you! If you dream it, we can bill it. Zone leverages add-on functionality with native NetSuite invoicing, payments, and most importantly, Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) to help you Build, Bill and fulfill everything from simple to complex billing models with the invoices to match. All without lifting a finger thanks to innovative features like Billing Profiles.
Advanced revenue management & recognition
Extending NetSuite’s native Advanced Revenue Management solution, ZoneBilling ensures you remain compliant with global accounting standards and recognition regulations, including IFRS 15, ASC 605 and ASC 606. With a framework of configurable workflows to suit your pricing and billing setup, from within NetSuite, you can automatically manage billing, reporting, forecasting, reclassifications, and recognition of revenue past, present and future based on dates or milestones aligned to your specific billing schedules.
Automatic renewals mean happy customers for less work
If your contracts are complicated, chances are so are your renewals. A great renewal process can make happier customers, but not if it’s impossible to manage. With Zone, leverage your CRM/CPQ to send renewal contracts to NetSuite automatically, or let NetSuite auto-renew contracts for you (and even alert you). Zone’s Renew features support evergreen, extensions, new lines, or even entirely new subscriptions. Even create renewal templates to schedule automatic uplifts, change terms, and (de)escalations in quantities, price, discounts, or rates. Heck, we even have integrated CPI rates from the Bureau of Labor! Okay, we’ll stop now. We got excited. You can move along.
Integrate to CPQ, CRM and much more off-the-shelf
Complex billing is usually the result of a complicated, multi-faceted sales offering. In our experience, this often needs to be driven by a CRM or CPQ solution (or both) used by the sales team to provide the interface and flexibility required to sell your offering the way clients want to buy it. With this in mind, off-the-shelf, ZoneBilling is capable of integrating with a variety of systems (including Salesforce) to ensure that your customers, as well as your sales and finance teams get everything they need with  minimal amount of effort and no duplicate entry.

Got questions?
Got answers.

Does ZoneBilling handle monthly, quarterly, and annual billing cadences?
FAQs are this way

It’s cool. We’re skeptical, too.

Can it really handle our billing and revenue? We’re pretty damn unique.

You’re not alone. Whether you run your business on subscriptions, seats, insertion orders, evergreen contracts, events, hours, whatever, billing and revenue get harder the bigger you get. And as new variables show up – customer demand, competition, and market changes – you’re forced to react. Fast. Yet most companies still respond to growth in those crucial moments by relying on age-old practices instead of forward-thinking technologies.

How am I supposed to find time to use another system when we can just use Excel?

We get it. More systems means more time, more training, more logins, and more "risk." In fear of over complicating things, losing control, and opening Pandora's box of security nightmares, it's easy to default to decades-old software we're comfortable with. Excel is sexy, after all. In the beginning (we agree), this feels fine. But down the road this approach can actually start moving us backwards. Spreadsheets go from fun to frustrating and human errors are all but inevitable. Now that's risky.

What if some automation error comes back to bite us down the road?

Machines can't do what humans can, absolutely. And they're not supposed to. But the inverse is true, too. While automation is prone to errors like anything, the potential for screw-ups are significantly less than during manual processes. Especially when you're dealing with many complex transactions a day. With the right audit trail in your software, automation errors become simple fixes. Finding a missing zero in a spreadsheet? Now that's a whole different ball game. #nothanks #wepass

If you can dream it,
you can bill it

The way you bill is too important to be disabled by your software to test, implement, or update the way you need: in real-time. To put it bluntly, spreadsheets and third-party apps don't cut it anymore.
Don't get caught wondering if your software can handle it. Know it can. The best billing and revenue solutions help you put up borders when you need them and tear them down when it’s time to grow.
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backwards Processes
Slow, siloed billing and revenue are risky business

Manual processes

While some level of manual work inside spreadsheets is to be expected (and enjoyed), using manual processes at the wrong time and stage in your business can go from annoying to harmful in a matter of moments. When you're scaling multiple billing or business models at the same time across borders, you don't have time to be reconciling thousands of records. And neither do your deadlines.

Human errors

Closing the month, audits, and invoice management are hard enough to keep up with at the pace business moves today. Sure, manual processes are annoying but human errors make for a never-ending nightmare. And when you're dealing with invoices in the hundreds or more, it's to be expected you'll make a mistake or two. The question isn't whether it will happen or not. The question is whether business can afford the risk (over and over again).

System vulnerabilities

You've probably heard 100 times before that more systems means more risk, so we'll only repeat that in the first sentence. Consolidating sets of data and therefore systems is a key step in mitigating your likelihood of running into an issue of systems improperly (or not) talking to each other, exposing yourself to unnecessary security risks, and creating the inevitable ball of yarn that will cost you more than you'll want to pay three years from now.

Compliance risk

As the game of growth continues to advance at a rapid pace, so do the rules. While you certainly need time to understand these evolving regulations, you might not necessarily have time to continuously re-think the way you stay compliant. Your systems should make adapting to things like ASC 606 as easy as clicking a few buttons without putting you at additional risk just because your revenue rules are a little complex or unique.

Time constraints

Deadlines imposed by everything from closing month end to  years of audits constantly add pressure to the already-full plates of finance teams. Businesses are left with the paradox of slowing down growth in favor of more structure or burning people out from hours of manual labor a machine can do. Seperate systems for billing and revenue only exasterbate the problem, requiring teams to dedicate expert-level resources to tedious tasks like revenue reconcilliation or data mediation.

Dirty data

After spending enough time in the early stages of scaling up, we've learned that quality data starts as a luxury and rapidly becomes a necessity as you grow. Businesses who start their scale-up journey in multiple systems are automatically starting with what we call dirty data, which comes at an inevitably high cost or amount of technical debt. While data isn't the answer to everything, clean, quality data holds the key to some of the most important decisions you'll make as a business.
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Forward Finance
Faster, native billing and revenue means more freedom

Borderless billing

Businesses need the freedom to adapt, grow, and scale their business and associated billing models without the constraints of manual work or system limitations. Today's typical approach of multiple systems for financials, billing, and revenue creates bottlenecks that can take years to unwind. But businesses using billing systems that are native to their ERP, like ZoneBilling, are outshining the competition in speed to market and ability to pivot.

Automated revenue

With ZoneBilling, the ability to automate your revenue reconciliation while retaining compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 means no more hours-turned-to-days spent in spreadsheets reconciling data between separate billing and revenue systems. The days of hypergrowth mean managing a network of poorly integrated platforms are over. ZoneBilling unites everything order-to-cash into NetSuite, giving you the ability to configure to whatever rules and requirements you have.

Adaptive invoicing

Easily adapt your invoices to meet the unique requirements of your customers, Whether splitting up charges to different invoices, complex bill-to / ship-to requirements, or managing the consolidation of fees across entities, ZoneBilling's unique features like Billing Profiles help you manage billing the way you and your customers need, not the way the software forces you to.

Easier audits

Oh audits. Managing month-end can be stressful enough, let alone working on an audit from three years ago, two years ago, and last year. Understanding the details becomes incredibly difficult to impossible when data is entered manually, reconciled in spreadsheets, and systems aren't effectively integrated. With ZoneBilling, every detail from contract to individual charge is completely visible, even if automated. This is the audit trail you've been waiting for.

Quicker Closes

With everything lead-to-revenue in a unified data set – customers, contracts, invoices, payments, revenue – month-end closes go from exhausting to easy. We’ve even seen customers go from 17 days to 2 days close time. We asked them what they do with all their new found freedom, but they’re keeping it a secret. We think drinking margaritas, but maybe that’s just us projecting.

Limitless potential

We built ZoneBilling with the purpose of allowing finance teams to unlock growth potential within the business, like innovative pricing models, without taking on the additional headaches of manual data mediation, complex pricing formulas in excel, or giant spreadsheets with recurring subscription and usage data. You deserve better, and so do your customers. Whether you're only charging customers a simple subscription or managing incredibl complex contracts, ZoneBilling is ready to help you grow—today and tomorrow.

How does ZoneBilling work?

Create your subscription

Subscriptions are a custom and powerful native NetSuite ZoneBilling record that help you create and manage everything from simple recurring fees to complex contracts with tiers, services, hardware, you-name-it.

Each Subscription is configured by adding a variety of Subscription Items to match the elements of your contracts, whether a recurring usage-based license, a single-time implementation fee, or hardware rentals.

You can deeply customize your contracts at the Subscription, Subscription Item, or even Charge-level for maximum control, giving you almost limitless options to grow your business. Plus, template common subscriptions or contracts to make billing new customers a breeze.

Use custom data for dynamic rating

ZoneBilling is unique in its ability to utilize custom data in combination with dynamic Rating capabilities to easily create simple to complex pricing structures, all depending on how you charge your customers.

We do this by using custom records to capture critical customer data points you'd like to use in your pricing model. Our powerful API Wrapper allows you to pull this data in and mediate it automatically.

Then, leveraging the power of Saved Searches we can query those records and perform additional formulaic calculations on the data to process it for Invoicing. We call these Rate Plan Search Maps.

Build your invoice and bill customers

ZoneBilling will automatically generate the standard NetSuite native invoice record. If any of your items require fulfillment, ZoneBilling will also generate the required Sales Order.

Taxes can be calculated leveraging native SuiteTax capabilities or through SuiteApp partners such as Avalara. Users can then easily navigate between the contract or subscription and the invoice for checks and balances, all completely in NetSuite.

ZoneBilling also utilizes features like Billing Profiles to determine if any unique delivery requirements should be applied during the invoicing process, like consolidating fees across multiple accounts onto a single invoice record or breaking up fees from a contract across multiple bill-to entities.

Automatically apply adjustments and renew

If your business intends to renew contracts or subscriptions with customers, ZoneBillings Renew features allow for the automatic application of adjustments like upsells and automatic renewal of contracts based on your configuration, including alerts.

To do so, you can leverage your CRM/CPQ to send renewal contracts into NetSuite or let NetSuite auto-renew contracts for you. ZoneBilling supports evergreen, extensions, new contract lines, and even entirely new subscriptions.

If needed, create renewal templates to schedule uplifts, change terms, or (de)escalations in quantity, price, discounts, or usage rate. And with our custom  integration with the Bureau of Labor, you can store CPI rates within NetSuite.

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