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Zone Advanced Billing.
An enterprise grade subscription & billing management system built entirely within NetSuite.

Close your books up to 50% faster with ZAB, built directly in NetSuite. If you're considering or already on NetSuite, talk to our SuiteSuccess-certified team and bundle with ZAB for the only unified solution for consolidating & automating your billing, revenue, and financials. ZAB works seamlessly with all your other NetSuite modules like Revenue Recognition, Inventory, & Projects. We haven't met a billing scenario we couldn't solve using NetSuite.


ZAB + NetSuite.
One place for all your ERP, Billing, and RevRec needs.

We built ZAB directly within the best cloud ERP so you get the benefits of both in a single platform solution. Whether you bill by subscriptions, contracts, IOs, prepaid usage or minimum commits, you name it, ZAB supports your growing business in one place. Say goodbye to the chaos of multiple spreadsheets and human “billing engines”, and say hello to freedom – more time, more savings, more results.

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Can't decide what billing solution & ERP are best for your business? Let's chat.

If you're not considering billing and revenue recognition functionality and requirements when choosing the right cloud-based business management system, you should be. Faulty integrations with disparate billing platforms have created what we call platform chaos. You deserve better. Here are 4 signs to know it's time to switch to the world's best cloud ERP and Billing Solution, NetSuite + ZAB:


You don't know what's happening across the business.


Your data entry and reconciliation is more manual than automated.


You're losing sales because you can't get data fast enough.


You're doing more accounting outside of QuickBooks than in it.

Why NetSuite Customers are choosing
Zone Advanced Billing

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  • The only unified solution for your ERP, Billing, and RevRec needs – no matter how complicated.

    Whether you bill by subscriptions, contracts, IOs, prepaid usage or minimum commits, you name it, ZAB + NetSuite support your growing business in one place. Say goodbye to the chaos of multiple spreadsheets and human “billing engines”, and say hello to freedom of one place – less time, more savings, better results.

    About ZAB
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  • Built directly in NetSuite. One platform, one single source of truth, one unified solution.

    Wave farewell to costly disconnects between Finance Operations, Sales, and Marketing. Welcome your new world of one. Because it sits directly in NetSuite, ZAB supports all native NetSuite functionality – Advanced Revenue Management, Inventory & Fulfillment, Professional Services Automation and more. If you can sell it, ZAB can bill for it.

    About ZAB
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  • Any way you bill, ZAB has you covered. Change your pricing model without having to change platforms.

    With ZAB, you can change how you bill without changing everything else. from simple subscription or recurring, to complex usage, prepaid usage, rollovers, or multi-variable billing we've got you covered. And no matter the relationships – Parent/Child, Partner/End User, Franchise/Location, etc – you can consolidate contracts & subscriptions onto a single invoice.

    About ZAB

Great Tool For Subscription Billing

"Zone Advanced Billing (ZAB) helped us prepare for growth as we had many customers on what seemed like an infinite number of billing scenarios. We were using countless spreadsheets to track customers with recurring charges, usage-based volume with and without tiered pricing, monthly minimum commitments, prepaid usage, and many other billing types across many different SKUs. ZAB allowed us to consolidate and automate our billing and provide more accurate reports to management."

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Your ERP, Billing, and RevRec belong together.

Stop keeping them apart. Close your books faster and take back your time with ZAB + NetSuite.