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Automated agile billing & revenue.

Unlock your potential to turn innovations into revenue on the #1 in-solution for growing companies  – from Startup to Enterprise – Zone Advanced Billing. Manage your subscriptions, contracts, usage, rating, billing, payments, collections, revenue, and unified data & financial reporting – all in one complete cloud solution, powered by NetSuite ERP.

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Your business has complex billing & financial needs that change dramatically over time. We use technology to help you adapt, innovate, and rapidly scale the way you monetize.

Zone & Co is a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, SuiteCloud Developer Network partner, and creator of the #1 cloud billing & revenue in-solution in the market, Zone Advanced Billing. We help companies – from Startup to IPO – transition from technology stacks full of 3rd party platforms and homegrown solutions onto the only all-in-one business management & monetization system, powered by NetSuite.

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Start with the #1 cloud business management system – NetSuite ERP/Financials – trusted by 22,000 companies globally.

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Zone Advanced Billing

Billing & Revenue

Manage and automate your recurring billing & revenue by upgrading your NetSuite instance with Zone Advanced Billing.

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NetSuite & ZAB

Cloud Services

Implement, optimize, and evolve your instance with our certified NetSuite consultants and developers, no matter the industry.

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Too Many Platforms

Cut the chaos.

Modern monetization technology is broken. The traditional method of managing your contract- or subscription-cash-revenue processes manually or in multiple 3rd party/homegrown solutions doesn’t work anymore. Too many systems creates "platform chaos," or the point at which your technology starts working against you:

  • Braking Integrations
  • High Platform Costs
  • Manual Processes
  • No Single Source of Truth
  • Scaling Complexities
  • Still Need Spreadsheets
  • Stressful Month-end Closes
  • Revenue Compliance Issues

Contract-to-revenue is now automated and all-in-one.

Automate your subscriptions, consolidated invoicing, usage & rating, billing, payments, collections, revenue, unified data, and financial reporting – all in one place with Zone Advanced Billing:

  • True Revenue Compliance
  • One Platform for Many Entities
  • Flat License Fee
  • Unified, Drillable Reporting
  • No Integration Errors
  • Zero-Click Automation
  • Increased Time to Value
  • Global Tax & Localization

Monetize without limits.

Zone Advanced Billing, built for NetSuite, is completely configurable to your business’ exact needs, no matter how complex the use case, billing model, or revenue requirements. Whether you're in the membership, usage, leasing, internet of things, or XaaS economy, Zone has you covered.
Subscriptions Management
CRM & CPQ Integration
Contracts Management
Consolidated Invoicing
Usage-based Billing
Automated CC Processing
Dynamic Renewals
Variable & Fixed Rates
Revenue Recognition
Account Hierarchies
Automated Collections
Complex Tax Calculations
Automated Communications
High-volume Data Mediation
Analytics & Dashboards
and more!
Zone Advanced Billing POWERED BY NETSUITE

The complete solution.

Save days a month.

You can't afford to worry about revenue recognition compliance or billing complexities all day. With NetSuite, you'll be closing your books up to 50% faster and seeing a major increase in efficiencies across the business.

Flat fee software.

Most billing and revenue solutions increase in cost as your business scales. No thanks. With ZAB – powered by NetSuite – you get more resources back with fixed pricing. You grow while your expenses don't.

Protect your future business.

Your software should work as well in the future as it does today (if not better). ZAB was designed as an adaptive environment, evolving as your business does – no matter how complicated the billing scenarios may get.

Turn change into revenue.

As the market changes, you need every tool helping you innovate the way you deliver value to customers. You need software that can add new products, models, or entities at the speed of demand, not the pace of development.

Scale with complete confidence.

Make scaling significantly more efficient by removing unnecessary manual processes and automating day-to-day financial functions. And with our user-friendly interface, your team will quickly become experts.

Go global with ease.

Leverage the tax & localization functions of NetSuite and ZAB to grow your business across oceans,. Apply all localization rules & requirements to any active or new pricing model without all the manual headaches.

"Zone helped us prepare for growth as we had many customers on what seemed like an infinite number of billing scenarios."
“The best part of working with Zone & Co. is the depth of knowledge they have about the guts of Netsuite.”
Lars, G2.com
“We have a decentralized billing process and are able to centralize on NetSuite with Zone. The fact that [ZAB] can handle all of the billing scenarios we have [is] significant.”
Operations Manager, G2.com
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One platform, total freedom.

Turn your innovations into revenue faster, all at a fraction of the cost with Zone. Schedule a call with us to consolidate the monetization systems that matter most.
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Upgrade your NetSuite instance with the Zone Advanced Billing and automate your contract- & subscription-cash-revenue processes in one unified platform.

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