Terms & Conditions

All our terms and conditions in one place.

SuiteApps License Terms & Conditions
In this section you will find the terms & conditions for using Fast Four SuiteApps, that form the agreement between your company and Fast Four, together with the quote and possibly other documents listed in the quote.
The Terms & Conditions are generic for all our SuiteApps, however some clauses are specific for one SuiteApp. Such cases are clearly indicated in the T&C’s.
Support Terms & Conditions
Support Terms & Conditions govern the Support services provided by Zone & Co. This entails both Standard and Premium support offerings.
[Software] Terms & Conditions
Support services provided by Fast Four are governed by terms and conditions, pursuant to the level of support you have purchased or are otherwise entitled to.
Data Processing Agreement
When your quote indicates a Data Processing Agreement is applicable, please find it below.