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Scan, capture, and manage vendor bills automatically in NetSuite with intelligent OCR.

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Generally, yes. In most cases, if enough information is available via the invoice, ZoneCapture can automatically match the invoice to the Vendor (and purchase order) directly in NetSuite. If not, this process can be performed manually.

ZoneCapture can regonize a variety of fields, including: Invoice type (bill or credit), Invoice date, Due date, VAT registration number, Bank account number, Currency code, Total Net Amount, Total Tax Amount, Total Gross Amount, Payment reference (incl. Finnish Viite, Norwegian KID and Danish FIK), PO Number, Buyer Reference, various VAT Rates (if applicable).

Absolutely! ZoneCapture has the ability to match an incoming bill/invoice to an existing, native purchase order in NetSuite. Once the match is discovered, the PO will be billed using the items from the purchase orders. ZoneCapture also uses a unique Three-way Matching feature to help you filter through full matches, partial matches, and mis-matched invoices.


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Why zone

AP automation you can trust. OCR technology you'll love.

Fast-growing businesses need the ability to adapt as they scale if they’re going to thrive in today’s ever-changing economy. ZoneCapture enables you to manage your accounts payable process natively in NetSuite and still allows you to adapt when and how you need to. Adopt e-invoicing, automate vendor bill management, and intelligently scan and capture data from PDFs without pain.
Stop wasting time entering vendor data. Start using it.
Managing accounts payable manually or in multiple systems leaves you wasting countless hours just to close the books. As your business grows, keeping track of all your documents, data, and emails goes from manageable to manic quickly. With ZoneCapture, built for NetSuite, you can manage your entire AP process (and automate it) without ever leaving your NetSuite screen. Enhance existing workflows within the platform and use custom fields to reduce your manual entry significantly. This means you get more done in less time, giving you the freedom to manage and grow your vendor relationships, not their invoices.
Automatically match and organize your purchase orders
When invoices go from the tens to the thousands, it can be hard to know where to direct your attention. Which invoices don’t match which POs? Which can I process immediately? Sounds like crazy-town to us. So, we built Three-way Matching for ZoneCapture. Zone uses a built-in, automatic traffic light system to confirm a full match, partial match, or mismatch between the invoice and the original purchase order. All without lifting a finger. This three-way matching is displayed utilizing our friendly UI and custom dashboard, allowing you to keep your focus on the details that matter most.
Make managing errors a breeze with Split-screen View
We trust technology enough to spend our entire careers building it. But we’re also finance people at heart, so checks-and-balances are something we take seriously. Split-screen View for ZoneCapture allows you to do just that. View your original document with the associated transaction record simultaneously, all directly within NetSuite. Say goodbye to errors when paying vendor bills. And time to say hello to the peace-of-mind that you’re paying the right amount, every time.
No one said OCR technology had to be ugly...
We believe software should be friendly to use. You know what. We even believe it should be fun sometimes. ZoneCapture’s new and enhanced user interface (released in version 2.0) allows new and veteran users alike to easily navigate and manage vendor invoices, credits, and bills. All without leaving your NetSuite ERP. See your PO matches using our user-friendly dashboard. View invoices and bill records at the same time with Split-screen View. And with continuous enhancements and updates to the interface and functionality, like e-invoicing capabilities, you can rest assured the app is as future-proof as it is pretty.
Smart OCR that remembers what it learned from you
ZoneCapture uses what we call clickable auto-learning, or more simply smart OCR technology, to adapt to your business' AP needs as it scales and changes with growth. This functionality allows you to teach the system to remember custom fields on an invoice for future invoices with the simple click of a button. Doing so helps you prevent unnecessary future errors or mismatches, and allows the system to learn and adapt to your businesses’ specific needs. No vendors are the same, after all. And neither are invoices...well, except e-invoices 😅
Works with ZoneApprovals and your current customizations
Being a native SuiteApp means the ZoneCapture works with all your existing workflows, fields, and enhancements to the NetSuite platform. It also means that ZoneCapture works natively with ZoneApprovals, a ZoneApp dedicated to helping businesses manage simple-to-complex approval workflows all without leaving NetSuite, like for vendor bills. ZoneApprovals allows you to extend NetSuite’s native approval functionality with enhanced approval matrix capabilities that adapt as your business grows, as well as a friendly UI to make onboarding and training an effortless experience.

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How are incoming transactions captured?
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How are various VAT rates supported?
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What languages can I use with ZoneCapture?
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Automation can be scary, we totally get it

Can it really handle any type of invoice? I feel like we get some unique ones.

You’re right, you are unique! And yes, we can likely handle the invoice whether via PDF or e-invoice format. As different as invoices might look from vendor to vendor, the underlying data is essentially the same. This allows us to use intelligent OCR technology to discover the relevant data and capture it directly in your NetSuite instance so you spend less time entering all this unique data, and more time using it to pay your invoices accurately and on-time.

Do we really need another app for that? I mean, can’t we just do it manually?

Sure, you absolutely could. And many businesses today still enter invoices in manually (if they can). But with the growing complexity of business and the associated processes, keeping up with everything from e-invoicing regulations to invoices via email is going to get tiring and eventually chaotic. Meaning you’ll be playing catch up all the time, instead of building better vendor relationships. Plus, with ZoneCapture for don’t even need another system.

Too much automation makes us nervous. How do we know it’s working?

Yeah, we feel you on this one actually. Like, a lot. Which is why we curbed our (and hopefully your) worries by building features like Three-way Matching and Split-screen View to let you do your checks-and-balances thing. Because as much as we believe in automation and smart OCR technology, we know that a human touch can go a long way. So do your thing. Check the tech. We’ll be right there with you. And then let it do the rest of the heavy lifting.
Painless SCAN & Capture

AP automation you can control (and love)

Managing accounts payable as a modern business should mean less work, not more. Even as your business changes. You need software that can scale with you while letting you keep control.
That's why the fastest finance teams are using forward-thinking technology to manage accounts payable, from automation to Smart OCR. And they're doing it on NetSuite with ZoneCapture.
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backwards Processes
Slow accounts payable is risky business (and no fun)

Manual processes

Manually managing, matching, and capturing vendor bill data in spreadsheets or your ERP system works for as long as you have hours available in the day. But when your business starts to scale faster than you can keep up, manual processes create a catch-up nightmare, leaving you vulnerable to countless errors.

Human errors

Capturing invoice and vendor bill data manually makes your business prone to errors you can't afford as you grow. And because not all invoices are created equally (or look remotely the same, sometimes), you're not only relying on accurate entry, but accurate manual discovery, too. Sifting through emails, PDF files, and browser tabs makes for a prime environment for errors to occur without intention or notice.

System vulnerabilities

When you're manually entering vendor details between systems or from a PDF or email, you're leaving yourself and your business open to security risks. The more spreadsheets, emails, and systems you need to keep track of, the easier it is for someone or something to slip through the cracks. It's easy to take advantage of all those passwords you have to remember or files you need to keep track of.

Process risks

Maintaining a secure workflow and process for managing accounts payable is key to reducing errors and meeting payment deadlines. When everything is manual or siloed between systems and emails, your processes are likely to break down and cause delays or critical errors, like missed payments, paying the wrong amount, or a bill getting stuck in the approval process.

Time constraints

Many finance teams find themselves under immense pressure to meet deadlines, from closing the month to paying vendors on-time to maintain good working relationships. Every second counts, which is why spending precious hours of your team's time on processes like data entry is likely costing your business more than you think.

Dirty data

One thing we see creep up on businesses time and time again is the looming impact of what we call dirty data, or data that you're not really sure is accurate. This happens unintentionally when just getting to the finish line is hard enough at the early stages of growth. But without attention early enough, it's easy to create a mountain of technical debt in the form of unusable data when your business starts needing it most.
Forward Finance
Faster, intelligent AP automation means more freedom. Less work.

Painless capture

With ZoneCapture, automatically create vendor bills and credits in real-time using intelligent OCR technology without ever leaving the NetSuite interface. Wave goodbye to manual entry. Hello intelligent.

Automated entry

Save costs and improve the accuracy of your accounts payable data by eliminating manual entry from the process. With intelligent features like Smart OCR, Clickable Auto-learning, Line Level Recognition, Supplier Auto Processing, and Three-Way Matching, you're not only ready to automate AP today. You're ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Native experience

Because ZoneCapture is a native SuiteApp, NetSuite remains your single source of truth for everything finance. Bills and credits are created, stored, and are visible in real-time with their corresponding, native NetSuite records. Plus, capture additional fields and extend your existing NetSuite workflows and other customizations without skipping a beat.

Reduced effort

Every Zone App you use means less work and more freedom for you and your team. Businesses using ZoneCapture see a reduction in time-spent managing accounts payable processes by up to 83%. Combined with the reduction in errors from manual entry and direct integration with email for PDF and e-invoices, you'll be spending less time working and more time...well, whatever you think you should be doing that isn't entering in numbers to a field hour after hour after hour after hour. You get the point 😉

E-invoicing ready

With the global adoption of e-invoicing growing rapidly, preparing your business to capture e-invoices is likely to hit your list of priorities before you know it. ZoneCapture makes introducing your business to e-invoicing a painless process from the start. Whether you're using e-invoicing today or simply want to be ready for the future, we've got you covered.

Limitless potential

All Zone Apps were built with the intention of unlocking the growth potential of your business by freeing finance teams from the limitations of siloed, clunky software built as early as 1985. Yes. That's how old excel is. And while we love doing things manually here and there, we know it's no way to scale a business. Flexibility and scalability are core to every Zone App and its capabilities. When you use ZoneCapture, you're not only making today easier. You're making your future limitless.

How does ZoneCapture work?

Receive bills and credits

As your business receives bills and credits from vendors you do business with, all invoices in PDF or e-invoice format will get forwarded to a pre-selected email address.

This email address is unique to you and your business and is foundational to initiating the workflow with ZoneCapture.

Automated data entry and review

Once the invoice is received, ZoneCapture then uses intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically scan and recognize relevant data on the invoice, or what we call Smart OCR.

ZoneCapture then automatically creates booking proposals by using the scanned data and mapping it directly into a NetSuite Vendor Bill. This means the entire process from receiving the invoice to capturing it in NetSuite is completely touchless and requires no external interface or manual entry.

Validate captured data

ZoneCapture users are then able to validate the details of the bills and credits proposals created by capture directly in NetSuite and the associated Vendor Bill record.

Features like Three-way Matching and Split-screen View allow for a focused approach to reviewing partially or mis-matched invoices and purchase orders for any possible errors.

Users can then take advantage of Clickable Auto-learning to enhance ZoneCapture's ability to handle unique invoices or data sets received by the business from various vendors.

Create validated transactions

Once the data is reviewed and validated (manually or automatically), transactions are created from these proposals.

Because this all happens natively in NetSuite, all your existing workflows, customizations, and forms are all fully supported.

And with all your accounts payable data in one place, keeping an accessible record and trail of your invoices, purchase orders, and bills goes from painful to painless in a matter of minutes.

See Capture in action

Who benefits from e-invoicing? Everyone, that's who.

The winners are preparing their businesses for scale and variation in the way they manage vendor bills, instead of simply sticking to what they know. They are securing their ability to scale accounts payable and rapidly adapt to changes in the marketplace. With e-invoicing, businesses are unlocking limitless growth potential.

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How to Implement E-Invoicing

You will need to discover the scope of the project based on the current systems and platforms your business works with to conduct its invoicing processes (Zone is happy to help with this by the way!). We suggest having a walkthrough with a consultant or someone who is familiar with e-invoicing to understand how they operate and how to send to customers, etc. It would also be beneficial to run your e-invoices through a test environment as well. Be sure you are educated on your country’s specific guidelines related to e-invoices. The business needs to register with an e-invoicing network. Usually this is done through an online portal with tax identification information. A consultant can help you do this step as well if you run into questions. It’s typical for the registration to take 3-4 weeks to complete on the network side. All that’s left is to move your process from test or sandbox to production and you’re ready to send e-invoices.

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What is E-invoicing?

An e-invoice is a data set containing all the information from the invoice being sent or received. The e-invoice network posts the data set with the sender and receiver identification numbers.

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When do you need reconciliation software?

Stephen Murray, Managing director at Scarecrow explains when you need to seek out reconciliation software.

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