How Escalante Golf Reduced Invoice Processing Time by 70% Every Month with ZoneCapture


Escalante Golf is a leading golf course management company operating private clubs, daily fee courses, and resorts across the United States. They are dedicated to providing exceptional golf experiences for their members and guests.

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Key outcomes

• 70% efficiency gain per invoice and streamlined accounts payable with ZoneCapture
• Better control over data
• Enhanced financial accuracy and compliance


Escalante Golf, a premier golf course management company in the United States, faced challenges with its manual, inefficient invoice system. Managing an extensive portfolio of properties and processing thousands of invoices monthly, the firm sought an intelligent and user-friendly solution to automate accounts payable in NetSuite and optimize time management across their operations.

The Challenge: Slow and inefficient invoice handling

Escalante Golf implemented NetSuite in 2013 to streamline its finance operations and gain better visibility into financial performance. As the company grew, the accounts payable team noticed significant optimization issues in their operational workflow.

The main bottleneck was their invoicing process, which involved manual uploading and coding of invoices into NetSuite. Each invoice took the team two and a half minutes to enter into the system. With an average of 8,000 invoices per month, they had to spend over 300 hours per month on invoicing alone, leaving little time for other value-added activities. This also increased the risk of human errors, such as duplicate or incorrect entries, which could impact the accuracy of financial reports.

“We were really slow at uploading and coding invoices. It was taking us two and a half minutes every time, resulting in over 300 hours per month.” – Connor Huffman, the VP of Corporate Development at Escalante Golf

Escalante Golf was looking for a solution that would automate their invoice management, minimize errors and human intervention, and fully integrate with NetSuite to enable direct data flow into the system, without any additional steps.

From 2.5 minutes to 45 seconds: Watch how Escalante Golf streamlined their invoicing with ZoneCapture

The Solution: Fully automated OCR software for high-volume invoice processing in NetSuite

In the search for an innovative and smart solution to streamline accounts payable, Escalante Golf discovered ZoneCapture by Zone & Co–an AP automation tool built for NetSuite that leverages OCR and generative AI for data capture and coding.

Implementing ZoneCapture into their existing NetSuite environment was swift and smooth, lasting only a few weeks from the initial discussion to full operational capacity. This rapid deployment allowed Escalante Golf to leverage the full potential of the tool from day one and quickly reap the benefits of the system.

“The ROI was extremely easy to justify to say ‘Yes’ to signing up for the product.” – Connor Huffman, the VP of Corporate Development at Escalante Golf

ZoneCapture became an essential component of Escalante Golf’s growth strategy, allowing the company to scale up its operations without increasing headcount or compromising financial performance.

The Results: 70% efficiency gain per invoice and streamlined accounts payable with ZoneCapture

Automated processes and smart functionalities such as auto-learning, OCR, and generative AI, replaced the once-manual functions at Escalante Golf, drastically increasing the efficiency of their accounts payable team.

“We went from 2:30 minutes per invoice down to about 45 seconds. For our company when you’re looking at 8,000 invoices per month, you add up all that time and we’ve just saved a ton of time for our company.” – Connor Huffman, the VP of Corporate Development at Escalante Golf

With ZoneCapture, Connor and his team successfully found a tailored invoice processing solution that met their needs. Some of the major benefits include:

Reduced time per invoice: With ZoneCapture, the time spent on processing each invoice dropped from two and a half minutes to only 45 seconds. This allowed the team to save 70% of their time spent on invoicing each month, enabling them to focus on more analytical and strategic tasks. This shift improved their morale and increased productivity.

Better control over data: Connor and his team no longer have to leave the NetSuite screen anymore or navigate external software to view relevant transactions and documents. Uploading and coding invoices is much simpler and more correct with a split-screen—a side-by-side view of the invoice and its details. This cuts down two clicks per invoice at minimum, making the process smoother and saving a significant amount of time cumulatively.

Split-screen view: A side-by-side view of the original document and transaction records, all directly within NetSuite

Enhanced financial accuracy and compliance: Instead of manually entering invoice data, the team now uses ZoneCapture's smart OCR function to extract text from invoices and automatically fill in the relevant information in NetSuite. They’re able to simply capture a section of information by drawing a box over text on the invoice, and the tool automatically populates the corresponding fields in the system. This functionality made the accounts payable process faster and more accurate, ensuring a higher level of data integrity and compliance with financial regulations—a cornerstone for any company's financial health.

Clickable PDF: Capturing a section of information from an invoice in NetSuite
“Zone & Co and the ZoneCapture product [delivered] everything we needed.” – Connor Huffman, the VP of Corporate Development at Escalante Golf

The Conclusion

ZoneCapture is not just an invoice processing tool for Escalante Golf—it is a vital part of their accounts payable operational efficiency. The seamless integration of ZoneCapture with NetSuite not only streamlined Escalante Golf’s financial processes but also enhanced the overall functionality of its ERP platform, creating a robust, efficient system that supports strategic decision-making and operational excellence.

“My highest praise for the entire ZoneCapture process was the implementation. [...] In a matter of weeks, everything was ready to go and allowed us to just run.” – Connor Huffman, the VP of Corporate Development at Escalante Golf

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