Customer Case Study: The Sky’s the Limit for Blunt Umbrellas

"Without ZoneReconcile, the two options would be for us to either manage everything manually, which would require a disproportionately high number of staff, or to do what many growing businesses do and sacrifice the level of detail we achieve by just importing summarized totals." - Kate Callender, CFO at Blunt Umbrellas


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November 8, 2023

Fusion5, Zone & Co and NetSuite provide the perfect growth platform for the world’s most revolutionary umbrella brand

Combining ‘superior engineering’ with ‘beautiful design’, Blunt Umbrellas’ patented technology delivers some of the most radical (and necessary) updates to the umbrella since its inception, circa 1928.

Formed in England in 2006 before relocating to New Zealand, the business now boasts a physical presence in four countries (Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA) and serves a global audience via its e-commerce website and network of distributors and vendors in over 20 countries.

The Challenge:

• Rapid growth & increased sales
• International expansion & foreign currency management
• Increasingly complex inventory & production requirements
• Omni-channel sales & distribution model
• Multi-bank and PSP integrations & reconciliations

The Solution:

• NetSuite OneWorld
• Multiple subsidiaries
• ZoneReconcile
• Shopify e-Commerce

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Customer Case Study: The Sky’s the Limit for Blunt Umbrellas