Partnership with E78 Partners

With a new range of analytics and reporting capabilities, this partnership will provide fresh insights that help NetSuite and Intacct users elevate key business outcomes.

Josh LaSov
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March 29, 2022

With a new range of analytics and reporting capabilities, this partnership will provide fresh insights that help NetSuite and Intacct users elevate key business outcomes.

ZoneReporting has expanded its strategic partnership with E78 Partners. In the new agreement, E78 Partners will complement its premier Intacct Accounting and Managed Service offering with ZoneReporting's Platform, giving customers unparalleled reporting and analytics capabilities from Intacct.

This new offering builds on a previous agreement for E78 Partners customers in the NetSuite user community. Now, E78 Partners will be able to implement, support, and develop solutions for their Intacct Accounting Service clients using ZoneReporting's unique reporting and analytics platform.

“I am extremely excited by our deepened strategic partnership with E78 Partners and providing a pre-built reporting solution to another strong ERP - Intacct. The E78 Partners team has significant experience in finance and accounting services along with Intacct expertise that will be a great fit for these companies looking to take their reporting and analytics to the next level. We look forward to working together and continuing to provide a unique reporting and analytics solution to drive value for their clients.”

Josh LaSov, CEO of ZoneReporting

E78 Partners delivers tailored accounting, finance and technology solutions that reduce risk and drive value for companies at any stage. This partnership will deliver a high caliber of service to the NetSuite and Intacct markets by leveraging reporting and analytics as part of E78 Partners’ Technology Solutions and Intacct Accounting and BPO services.

“Providing sophisticated financial reporting packages to our Intacct clients will be an essential feature to their success so they can focus on making financial and operations decisions based on data. I am thrilled about our expanded partnership with ZoneReporting and the value it will bring in 2022 for our clients.”

Rupal Patel, Director at E78 Partners

About E78 Partners

E78 provides comprehensive solutions through people, process, and technology that span the private equity fund investment lifecycle — from fund operations to initial diligence to exit readiness — to help ensure deal professionals and management teams unlock value at an accelerated pace. Learn more here:

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