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Our pre-built Power BI solution implements in weeks and provides tremendous value with your data

Key pre-built

ZoneReporting Features

Pre-built data model & data warehouse

Enterprise grade pre-built and scalable data model/warehouse for NetSuite with the ability to handle the most customized instances. Using years of experience within these systems, our pre-built solution has replicated and reconciled your data all the while giving you the same experience as you get in their UI’s with your data.

Pre-Built integrations for additional data sources

We offer your business the ability to have “One Version of the Truth Reporting”! In addition to your reporting on your NetSuite data, join data from any of your data sources, including Salesforce and dozens of additional pre-built connectors.

CFO built dashboard/report starter pack

50+ Pre-built valuable reports that reconcile back to your ERP system with over 100 KPIs and measures. Includes the most commonly requested financial and operational reports.

#1 ranked BI tool: Power BI

Create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results. Power BI also allows you to answer tough business questions with it’s modeling and analytics capabilities. Then, publish your dashboards and reports back into your ERP (i.e. NetSuite portlets) using ZoneReporting.

Budget/forecast import

Ability to import and report across unlimited budget/forecast versions. Easily integrate your Budgets/Forecasts from your EPM tool or Excel. Then use Power BI for reporting and to drill down to the transaction level detail.

Data backup/disaster recovery

Zone provides you with 365 days of historical versions of your data - that's more than the 60 days of history that NetSuite provides. This data is accessible and usable in Power BI to keep the business running should your source system be compromised or unavailable. What would a day without access to your ERP data cost your business?

2-day Power BI training

Complimentary Power BI training – at the completion of our training, you will be able to build your own dashboards/reports!

Quick implementation

ZoneReporting’s team will get you live on Power BI in weeks!

Deliver value with Enterprise Efficiency

Time and Money Savings

Buy, don’t build your BI Solutions. Comparable BI solutions take 2+ years to build, hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet most of these projects fail. Instead buy our pre-built BI solution and start adding business value immediately.

Reduce time spent preparing reports by 100%

Reports/dashboards in PowerBl automatically refresh, eliminating manual spreadsheet work and spreadsheet errors. Grant access to Power BI reports without having to buy licenses to the source systems.

Solve for specific business problems & questions

...such as sales order profitability, cash flow forecasting, inventory forecasting, predictive analytics, multi-currency reporting, revenue management reporting, and more.

Unlimited Joins

NetSuite Saved Searches limit you to one join - ZoneReporting supports unlimited joins.

Bye-bye errors

88% of spreadsheets have errors. We eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets with Power BI automated reporting functionality.

Report-building freedom

Visualize your data with the #1 rated self-service reporting/analytics solution in the market. Drag and drop to build reports and analyze your business.

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