Satori Reporting is now ZoneReporting

A quick update on the why, how & when of this exciting new development for Satori Reporting and Data Warehouse.


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A quick update on the why, how & when of this exciting new development for Satori Reporting and Data Warehouse.

In August of 2022 I proudly shared that Satori was acquired by Zone & Co - the leading NetSuite accelerator, offering a portfolio of apps that delivers outstanding technology and maximizes platform value for the CFOs office (you can read the full acquisition announcement here).

Today I would like to update you on a new phase into our consolidation, as Satori Reporting is being rebranded into a Zone Apps portfolio product. Now, what does this actually mean?

Moving forward, Satori Reporting and Data Warehouse will be operating under the name of ZoneReporting - same Power BI product you know and love, but with a new and improved look and feel that better aligns with the rest of the Zone Apps family.

We will address some of the most frequently asked questions about this transition below and highly encourage you to reach out if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for/would like to speak to one of our team members directly.

Why change the name to begin with?

We get it, we love Satori Reporting too! ;-) But regardless of how fond we are of the name this adventure started out with, we have always considered us stronger together than apart.

Being part of the Zone (Apps) family, with its collective resources and expertise, is what brings our existing and future customers/partners the highest value. A process that started in the background, but should be reflected on the outside as well.

Changing our name facilitates both the backend and front-end integration of our businesses, which allows us to double down on our commitment to help you stay ahead of the competition, be accountable and help you achieve your business goals, faster.

When and where will the new Satori Reporting name start to show up?

As you might have noticed, the new ZoneReporting logo is currently being implemented on this website. Not only will you see the new name and logo pop-up on different pages across the site, but also the domain itself will change ( will change to

Eventually, all the content from this website will be transferred/incorporated into the existing website.

A similar approach will be taken to our Satori social media channels, so make sure to start following Zone & Co on LinkedIn & YouTube, to not miss out on anything Power BI or analytics related!

Is the Satori Reporting functionality changing alongside the name change?

No. Apart from the looks, nothing is changing for now.

Changing our name and immersing ourselves into the Zone Apps ecosystem is what will allow us to improve our Power BI solution in ways we could have never imagined without though, so we definitely expect to bring you many exciting updates and enhancements in the future!

Will I still have access to the Satori resources?

Absolutely - you will see the rebranding being applied to these resources in the weeks to come as well, but they will remain accessible to you.

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