Satori Reporting Acquired by Zone & Co


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It is with joy today that I’m announcing Satori has been acquired by Zone & Co – an amazing NetSuite app provider with a tremendous reputation in the NetSuite ecosystem.

Since starting in 2019, we've always been keenly focused on helping companies running on NetSuite get an even larger ROI from their NetSuite. So, when Zone approached us about joining forces it was a wonderful opportunity to put our heads (and apps) together to provide more value to our NetSuite customers and the entire ecosystem. So far we have been able to help hundreds of companies running on NetSuite produce the reporting and analytics their businesses need to stay ahead of the competition, be accountable and to help them achieve their business goals. Going forward, we are aiming to add value for thousands of companies running on NetSuite

About Zone

Zone was founded as a NetSuite Solution Provider in 2013 by Derek Zanga (CEO) and Errol Fagone (CIO) and has grown into a dedicated SuiteApp Developer in the past years. Their portfolio of Apps - Zone Apps - is designed to help the CFO’s make the most out of their NetSuite set-up by integrating and automating all critical financial processes through native solutions built directly on the platform. This currently includes apps for billing and revenue management (ZoneBilling), AP automation (ZoneCapture), approvals & paymenta, and will now gain a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution with our Satori team joining the club.

Joining Forces

Having both spent time in the NetSuite ecosystem over the last decade, it was likely for us to cross paths at some point and we saw immediate value and potential in being a part of the Zone vision and software portfolio.Together, the value we can provide companies running on NetSuite is much greater than individually. With greater resources and even more NetSuite expertise all around the globe.

To our existing customers and partners - thank you for continuing on this journey with us and stay tuned for our next stop ahead - more value for you. It’s been a privilege to work alongside you and to continue to do so, now with the incredible team at Zone. 

To our future customers - we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a tremendous ROI on our relationship and show you a few things about your business you didn't already know via reporting and analytics :)

All the best, 

Josh LaSov

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