40+ Prebuilt Financial and Operational Reports!


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ZoneReporting Now Comes with 40+ Prebuilt Insightful Financial and Operational Reports!

ZoneReporting New Product Features Overview
At ZoneReporting, our R&D efforts are all around providing our customers with more value from their data to drive business results. So with the help of our team’s real world experience, NetSuite expertise and our customer’s feedback, we focused our R&D primarily on developing additional pre-built reports that provide tremendous and actionable business insight. Specifically, those new pre-built reports are focused on Financial reporting/analysis and Inventory reporting/analysis.

Financial Reports/Analysis
The development of these new reports was led by one of our team members who is a CPA and Former CFO of multiple public companies. He has years of experience in reporting and analysis that we tapped into to provide reports that will provide any of our customers immediate and lasting business insight. He also has strong NetSuite experience which he leveraged to develop reports that simply aren’t possible to create in NetSuite - providing our customer base with tremendous automated insight.

Our new pre-built reports focus on some key concepts that drive value such as:

  • Views across key business elements: Volume, Revenue, Margin, Customer, Item, Transaction
  • Unit Economics
  • Working Capital
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Consolidations
  • Multi-currency
  • FP&A (i.e. Budget vs Actual)

Inventory Reports/Analysis
The development of these new reports was led by a team member who was a former Director of Operations for a multi-national, multi-location inventory based business where he also implemented two instances of NetSuite. He has years of experience helping companies improve their supply chain by analyzing performance through key reporting. His deep understanding of NetSuite went into the design of the reports to help overcome any shortcomings of NetSuite reporting that requires you a company to build static reports in excel.

Our new pre-built reports focus on some key analytics such as:

  • Inventory Overview
  • Activity Detail (inbound and outbound drill downs)
  • Top and Bottom Item Performers on a Gross Margin basis
  • Inventory Projection (with drill down detail)

For more information and/or a personalized demo of ZoneReporting Request a Demo or contact our Head of Sales: paulconstantino@zoneandco.com

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