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ZoneReporting: NetSuite Power BI Reports & Dashboards

The only customizable Power BI reporting solution for NetSuite


Customizable reports, live NetSuite data in Power BI and unrivaled insights within weeks

Visualize all your ERP data in Power BI for those tough-to-answer business questions.


Bi-directional connection between NetSuite, Salesforce and other pre-built data sources for Power BI. See all your NetSuite data live in Power BI and embeddable interactive dashboards available in NetSuite portlets.


Zone’s advanced ETL processes, combined with 350+ connectors, enable you to bring in multiple data sources and provide a single, business-wide reporting platform with Power BI.


Configure your own reporting plus instantly access 200+ customizable reports and dashboards designed by CFOs and COOs based on experience from thousands of projects.

NetSuite reporting solutions for every industry

Developed for NetSuite, ZoneReporting is built to provide critical insights with finance at its core. Like NetSuite, it doesn’t stop at finance – reports on everything from sales and procurement to inventory, operations and services. It can even produce reports to include insights Google Ads, Google Analytics and Amazon Vendor data alongside your NetSuite data. It's truly a solution for every industry.
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Inventory-based companies

Demand forecast, inventory stock and turns, product-level profitability, available to promise/sell, and more.


SaaS metrics, churn prediction, sales and support management, pre-built integration with Salesforce, and more.


Utilization forecasting, Gantt charts, project and customer profitability, and more.


Financial reporting, expense analysis, budget vs. actual, cash flow actionable insights, and more.

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What’s included

A unique integration between the world’s leading BI solution and the #1 cloud-based ERP system. Built by CFOs and COOs with experience from 100+ NetSuite implementations, ZoneReporting combines everything the finance, management and operations teams of scaling businesses need to drive evidence-based decisions.

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One tool for every need

Create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results. Power BI also allows you to answer tough business questions with it’s modeling and analytics capabilities. Then, publish your dashboards and reports back into your ERP (i.e. NetSuite portlets) using Zone Reporting.

Full-story reporting

Ability to import and report across unlimited budget/forecast versions. Easily integrate your Budgets/Forecasts from your EPM tool or Excel. Then use Power BI for reporting and to drill down to the transaction level detail.

Data backup / disaster recovery

Downtime without access to your data can be extremely costly. ZoneReporting creates a backup of your data so you always have access to critical business reports.

Why ZoneReporting?

ZoneReporting is the only customizable Power BI reporting solution for NetSuite, Salesforce, and more.
Microsoft certified app
NetSuite certified SuiteApp
#1 Ranked BI tool by Gartner (Power BI)
NetSuite and Salesforce's data model replicated and reconciled
Implementation in weeks
Includes hands-on consultation and training
200+ custom BI dashboards that provide business insights
Embed Power BI reports back into your source system
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"The more time [a team] can spend analyzing and decision making, the better off you are. It’s been great to partner with the team at Zone to help see that goal start to come to life.”

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