ZoneCapture Customer Success Story | Escalante Golf

Listen to Conner Huffman, VP of Corporate Development at Escalante Golf, talk about the company's experience with ZoneCapture.

Conner Huffman

2 min read

December 21, 2023

Escalante Golf is a boutique owner and operator of numerous properties across the United States. Escalante brings tremendous passion and enthusiasm for the game and business of golf, including the hospitality and real estate operations that often complement it.

ZoneCapture has revolutionized the way Escalante Golf handles its account payable. Saving them time and money through automating their process. Listen to Conner Huffman, VP of Corporate Development at Escalante Golf, talk about their experience with ZoneCapture.


We’re Escalante Golf, we're a golf company. We own golf courses all across the country, ranging from private high-end country clubs to daily fee, to Resorts. 

My role in the company has just been to assist what we do: people, process, technology, especially in the accounting space as we grow.

So the company invested in NetSuite 10 years ago and then we set it up to be barebones. Probably about you know 2 years ago, we looked at it and learned we're not anywhere near using this technology the way that we could be. 

I found out about Zone & Co and their ZoneCapture product and it answered everything that we needed.

We were really slow at uploading and coding invoices. It's taking us two and a half minutes every time, and what ZoneCapture did for us is “Hey here's an easy way to not only upload it, but it's going to come in pretty much filled out”. So we went from 2:30 minutes per invoice down to about 45 seconds. 

For our company when you're looking at 8,000 invoices per month, you add up all that time and we've just saved a ton of time for our company.

You know, you get the invoice, and first off it's side by side. There's one button that just says “Show the PDF” which is extremely intuitive. It saves us two clicks and those things add up over time. When you get the invoice in it's got a function where you can draw a box over some text, and it'll go and grab that text and automatically feed it into the piece of the build that you're trying to fill in. It just makes it easier right makes it faster makes it more seamless, and gets to getting that invoice in faster.

My highest praise for the entire ZoneCapture process was the implementation. 

I had my first talk with ZoneCapture mid-January. I was up and going everywhere in early February. So in a matter of weeks, everything was ready to go and that allowed us to just run. 

And then from there, you know my Account rep has been great. Every time that I've said: “Hey, we're ready to take the next step up in the package” - it's ready the same day. There's been technical snafus cuz there always are, I reach out it's handled the same day. 

The ROI extremely easy to justify to say Yes to signing up for the product. And so it was a no-brainer when we looked at it that way.

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