Revolutionizing Invoice Scanning with OCR

Join us as we unravelling OCR invoice scanning's potential to streamline and automate invoice processing.

Dennis van der Graaf
Justyna Bielak
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17 min listen

May 19, 2023

About the Episode

Throughout this mini series about OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, we have explored the challenges faced by businesses in traditional invoice handling, the birth of OCR technology, its evolution, and its limitless possibilities. In this final installment, join us as we unravelling its potential to streamline and automate invoice processing.

Our guests, Dennis van der Graaf, Product Manager, and Justyna Bielak, Product Owner, will share their expertise on this cutting-edge technology and how it will shape the future of invoice scanning.

Tune in to discover the true potential of OCR invoice scanning and gain a competitive edge by leveraging this cutting-edge technology.



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