NetSuite 2022 Release 2 | Improvement highlights and tools to help you prepare

NetSuite 2022 Release 2 | Improvement highlights & tools to help you prepare

Elise Telechan
Lisa Foote
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28 min listen

September 30, 2022

About the Episode

Twice a year NetSuite launches updates for its users. In this insightful chat, host Jake Jones, Elise Telechan, our Director of NetSuite Delivery in the US, and Lisa Foote, our NetSuite Optimization Consultant guide you through some of the big, important changes you need to know about.



Manage Stripe payments directly in NetSuite
Effortless approvals that let you get back to work
Make accounts payable less painful for everyone
Scale your billing and revenue without limitations
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Simplify your HR finance operations in NetSuite
Does NetSuite Have Payroll?
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Can I Integrate my HR with Payroll in NetSuite?
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Does the software produce all of our CRA, CPA and compliance documentation and submissions?
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