Is automation the future of finance?

It’s a basic fact that efficient financial processes are essential to a company’s growth. And regardless of industry there are more similarities than differences to financial management methods. But if that’s the case, then how can a company break away from the herd and really maximize financial efficiency?

Joe Scavotto
Tyler Santos
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22 min listen

October 28, 2022

About the Episode

The answer might lie in automation. The future of financial technology could depend on automation to standardize and organize laborious processes so that finance professionals can concentrate better on building strategic partnerships and identifying future opportunities. But while automation in the world of finance might be inevitable, will the benefits always outweigh the drawbacks?

In the latest episode of Zone & Co’s podcast, host Jake Jones and guests Joe Scavotto and Tyler Santos discuss automation of financial technology and how an ERP like NetSuite can enable better solutions for accounting, billing, risk management, compliance–and more.

Some of the issues discussed are:

🔄 Is financial automation reliable enough?

🤔 How can companies use automation without threatening the job security of company employees?

🏦 What financial processes can be automated in ERP?

👍 What are the features of efficient financial automation?

🔍 What’s the best way for a company to use automation for financial management?



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