Carrying a biomass-powered torch for the planet, renewables companies are our future. But, saving the world isn’t easy. Relying on the perfect mix of inventory and people, renewables companies incorporate just about every business model we can think of, from light manufacturing to professional services. All the more reason to make sure data and processes flow through the business with ease!

Why renewables companies love NetSuite

Off-the-shelf, it is bespoke for every part of the industry

If you were to go through NetSuite and design a company to include a business function for each module, you would create a renewables company. Sales, procurement, inventory, production, resource management, project delivery, finances, and post-sales service – in one system!

Manage and deliver projects anywhere in the world

If you ever require to work cross-borders, or you are planning international expansion, NetSuite provides market-leading for running multiple companies, countries, currencies and language. So, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your core platforms.

Flexibility to integrate industry-specific solutions

More systems usually means more processes and more and more manual entry. However, if you require additional functionality such as enhanced field management, GPS tracking or time interpretation, we can integrate your chosen solution directly to NetSuite to avoid any duplicate effort.

Our production line of happy customers

"Zone's experience in our industry was key, as was their passion for our business. They did not overcomplicate things and focused on getting us using NetSuite quickly and properly."
"One of our favorite things about NetSuite is the fact that we could implement it with a partner. In Fast Four, we have a great advisor, and ally, without being hamstrung by them."
"It's refreshing to work with a supplier who is open, honest, invested in your project and able to actually advise you on what to do, rather than just doing what you ask them to."

Zone & Co ERP solutions for renewables companies

Combining the world’s #1 Cloud ERP platform, with our disruptive, pioneering approach, we are perfectly aligned to advise, support and grow with renewables companies of any size.

Specializing in every critical process of a typical renewables business, from sales, to project management, inventory, to revenue recognition, and procurement, to post-sales support we have designed and implemented NetSuite some of the most interesting and pioneering businesses in Europe including Solease & Zelfstroom.

Aligning your goals with system requirements

Tell us your ambitions, goals, targets and what's stopping you at the moment. Understanding the problem means we can collaborate on the best solution.
ERP Selection

Add functionalities to NetSuite

Zone Apps were built to help you do more with less effort. From billing operations to accounts payable, we've got your finance team covered. And it's all built on NetSuite.

Immediate insight. Anytime, anywhere in one click

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems – as the very name suggests, have been specifically developed to manage the resources in your enterprise.

Since its inception as the first cloud-based ERP solution in 1998, NetSuite has been developed to tackle the most common challenges to growth: unnecessary manual effort, and lack of visibility of critical data.

Incorporating inventory, orders, project planning, resource-management, CRM, post-sales service, and advanced financial management in one unified system, NetSuite is truly a 21st Century Solution for a 21st Century Industry.

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