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Over 22,000 organizations and their subsidiaries across more than 200 countries are evolving the way they scale with the #1 cloud ERP/Financials – NetSuite.


The #1 cloud-based business management system.

Companies who choose NetSuite choose faster, better, stronger – all for less than the cost of too many 3rd party solutions. Organizations that run on NetSuite experience significant savings and reductions in time needed for complex processes.
50% + reduction in IT costs
50% + reduced order-to-cash cycle
Up to 75% reduction in invocing costs
Up to 50% accelerated financial close time
Up to 50% reduction in audit preparation time
Trusted by the best
Oracle NEtSuite

#1 Cloud Platform

Account Software
Global Business Management
Human Capital Management
Professional Services Automation
Ecommerce Management
Analytics & Business Intelligence
COntact Sales
Deploy across divisions and subsidiaries with unprecedented speed and efficiency.
Get full visibility in managing the business accross all sectors – in real time.
Scale your IT & finance operations – reducing costs and driving business results.
The #1 Cloud ERP with ultimate flexibility to adapt to your business at any scale.
Innovate your business & monetization models and deliver in up to half the time.
Automate core processes in your business, all the way from startup to IPO.
NetSuite Products

Infinite possibilities, one solution.

NetSuite's cloud platform provides industry-best financial, CRM, Ecommerce, HCM, and professional services automation management for scaling organizations.
NetSuite ERP

The #1 Cloud ERP/Financials.

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Zone Advanced Billing

The #1 in complex billing & revenue.

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NetSuite CRM

360° customer visibility.

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NetSuite OneWorld

Global business management.

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NetSuite PSA/SRP

Professional services automation.

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Personalize the buyer journey.

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Business Intelligence

Real-time reporting & dashboards.

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Turnkey NetSuite solutions.

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Finance NetSuite, pay $0 for 90 days.

Zone & Co has partnered with Dimension Funding to provide financing for Zone's NetSuite customers for both NetSuite License and Implementations. Customers who finance through Dimension Funding pay $0 for 90 days.
Our Process

How we'll work together:

1. Connect the dots.

We’ll begin by spending time gathering requirements and connecting the dots on how NetSuite and ZAB can help you scale.

2. Discover the possibilities.

We'll do an assessment of your current setup and discuss your business processes, desired areas of improvement, and big picture opportunities.

3. Propose a solution.

Once we know your comprehensive processes and goals, we'll demo and propose NetSuite solutions to scale. Then you apply for funding (it’s easy).

4. Build for success.

We'll develop your solution in NetSuite - configuring, creating unique solutions, migrating data, and improving overall efficiencies in the business.

5. Grow your capabilities.

Our NetSuite experts will train your team members to become Super Users, enabling them to scale the business using all of NetSuite’s capabilities.

6. Optimize, then innovate.

Once your team is used to operating in NetSuite, we can fully support your NetSuite and ZAB instance. While you focus on innovating, we'll focus on optimizing.
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