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ZonePayroll is a highly featured cloud based application built completely on the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform. A fully featured, native application developed and compliant for use in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom & Canada. Over 500 customers are using ZonePayroll and taking full advantage of everything it has to offer.

100% Cloud

Runs in your web browser with no installation necessary. Available on the NetSuite Platform, JCurve and others coming soon – keeping your data available and secure.

Stage Based Payrun

Intuitive workflow process runs through employee selection, time entry, variable entry, to posting, payment and PDF pay slip creation.

Fully Reportable

Suite of jurisdiction-specific and customizable reports with simple exporting functionality to Excel/PDF and drag and drop pivot reporting.

Employee Self Service

Employees can access payslips and other payroll documents, as well as managing their personal details and payment details from anywhere.

Automatic Updates

Updates and new features are automatically installed into your account.

Fully Featured & Flexible

Supports payroll for full-time, part-time, casual, contract and directors. Run your pay runs weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or as one-off adjustment runs.

Multi-Company Support

Run multiple companies in different countries using a single account (requires NetSuite OneWorld).

Leave Management

Our built-in and comprehensive leave management functionality streamlines leave request, approval and payroll integration.

Local, but international

Not only does our payroll support multiple company & subsidiary setups, we also support and maintain a number of jurisdictions. Supporting a jurisdiction means  we actively maintain the product features and functions to ensure legislative compliance in that country or region. This may include tax rates and scales, pension schemes, public holidays, reports, integration with the local tax authority and local support.


Be it an ATO initiative like Single Touch Payroll (STP), or state-specific legislation, we make payroll easy by supporting and maintaining a huge number of Australian intricacies so you don’t have to.
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United Kingdom

Discover how easy it is to be compliant with out-of-the-box HMRC integration including DPS, FPS, and EPS; along with complete support for the various statuatory elements and forms.
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New Zealand

It isn’t hard to calculate payroll correctly, you just need a provider that understands the complexities of the Holiday Act, PAYE rates, ECST, filing with the IRD and everything else.
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From automatic Canadian legislative updates to seamless journal posting, CRA file creation and customizable payment schedules. A full featured configurable payroll solution specifically for Canada. Zone & Co supports all provinces and territories (excl. Quebec which currently is in development).
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Other jurisdictions

With a flexible payroll engine that allows you to customize everything from tax calculations to reports, it’s possible to use ZonePayroll & Leave Management in many other countries.

"To implement a new payroll system for circa 2200+ employees who are paid weekly was never going to be an easy task, but with the help of Zone & Co (formerly Infinet Cloud) we did just that and have found both business and time saving efficiency. Once payroll has been sent to the bank, the system posts all of the required P&L and time reallocation journals straight to our GL which has meant instead of manually posting and reconciling, we can focus on reporting requirements. The executive team are also so impressed by what information they can pull from the system it’s been invaluable. We have also reduced our paper consumption and stepped into the 21st century with their electronic TFN declarations.”

ZonePayroll Features

ZonePayroll provides a wealth of features; which meet and exceed the requirements of even the most demanding payroll officer. The following list outlines those features. If for any reason you can’t find a particular requirement, then get in touch.

Pay Run

Pay Type – Support for both Salaried (employee paid a base salary) and Waged (employee paid based on the hours they work).
Pay Frequency – Manage multiple pay frequencies in your organization, supports weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Further filter your pay run by employee settings including department, class, location, pay date and country.
Easy To Use Step Based Process – Simple step based process takes you through selection, time entry, variable entry, processing, and pay through to posting. At each step data is presented cleanly to ensure focused timely completion.
Adjustment Runs – Quite often adjustments need to be made to reflect corrections, or payments of one-offs outside of the normal pay run. These can be easily achieved with an adjustment pay run, offering options as to whether leave should be accrued, and whether tax calculations should take into account other payslips within the period.
Autopay – For companies running payroll with minimal variations, automate the process between steps using Autopay. Select your start and end step and Autopay will complete the process in the background, sending you an email on completion.
Rollback – Full capability to rollback any pay run; from and to any stage. Rollback ensures all records are rolled back and year to date fields are recalculated.


Full General Ledger – Proven financial management that includes general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial reporting.
Business Activity Statement (BAS) – Your payroll information is automatically included as part of the standard business report, no integration or configuration is needed.
Account Defaulting – Specify default accounts for super, payroll expense, employee accounts payable and accrual accounts, ability to override on an employee basis.
Part Period Calculations – For employees joining mid-way through a pay period specify how the part period calculation should be made; Days in Period, Working Days or Working Hours.
Accrue Expenses – Accrue Payroll expenses on a pro-rated basis based on the difference between the pay date and the end date of a pay component.
Employee Classification – Option to use employee level classifications (department, class, and location) on expenses and accounts payable; offering a greater granularity in your reporting.

Employee Pay Configuration

Configurable Employee Pay Components – We cater to all types of allowances, deductions, salary sacrifice, commissions, and bonuses.  Enter these as one-offs or if they are a regular payment (e.g. quarterly bonuses or commissions) add as a variable pay component at the individual employee level, allowing them to flow into the pay run and only an amount is then required to be entered.  You also have the flexibility to alter the paid for period for taxation variation as per ATO rules. E.g. Paying a quarterly bonus within a weekly pay run. Below are examples of some of the most common pay components, however you have the flexibility to create your own as required.
Allowances – LAFHA, Car Allowance, On Call, Tool.
Salary / Wages – Commissions, Bonuses, Overtime.
Deductions – Child Support, Union Fees, Superannuation, Healthcare Funds.
Salary Sacrifice – Laptops, Novated Lease, Superannuation, Fringe Benefit, Exempt Benefit.
Tax – flat and progressive rates, Manual PAYG/PAYE (catering for reductions, additions or override percentages).

Employee Self Service

Access Management – Manage employee access from the employee record, secure access via HTTPS using 128 Bit Encryption.
View Payslips and Pay Summaries – Allow employees to view and access their payslips online. Each payslip and pay summary is available in PDF format and all previous documents are stored and available historically.
Manage Bank Accounts – Employees can create and update their own bank account details, specifying a primary account, and up to two secondary accounts. Payment can be split across the accounts as desired.
Leave Management – Employees can review their leave calendar and statutory holidays for their region. Employees can view their accrued and available leave for annual, personal and long service leave.
Employees can make requests, calculating the required leave based on the employee’s working week, and statutory holiday. If leave is for a future period, available leave will be forecast based on accrual.
Leave Approval – Supervisors can also approve and decline leave requests made by their subordinates, viewing a hierarchy of their team, helping identify short resourcing.


Over 90 Standard Reports and Searches Built In – Ships with a wide range of standard reports for employee, pay, superannuation and tax. Each report can be filtered by selected fields and can be used as a basis for your own customized report.
Search and Report Builder – All payroll records are exposed to the highly flexible search and reporting builder. Use the flexibility of the builder to create customized searches and reports, filtering on direct or joined fields, apply highlights to particular result criteria. Searches can be used across the product as list views providing seamless customization throughout payroll.
Pivot Reporting – Providing a drag and drop interface to convert your searches into rich complex reports
Scheduled Reports – Schedule your reports to be emailed to you or others automatically with simple configuration. As an example, it's simple to configure the system to send an unapproved leave report at the end of the month to the HR department.


Custom Records and Fields – Add custom data fields and records (columns and tables) through an easy to use UI interface. All custom fields and records can be used with searches and reports.
Advanced Features – Create parent child relationships, source data from associated records, and filter or restrict options based on criteria.
Workflow – Leverage the NetSuite workflow


Installation Wizard – Easy-to-use installation wizard provides a step-by-step process to configure payroll. Specify company wide defaults, employee defaults and manage pay component types.
Managed Updates – Legislative and functional updates are automatically updated into your account. Updates are securely pushed without requiring any remote access to your account.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Australian Bankers Association (ABA) File – If you have chosen EFT/ABA as your payment preference we automatically generate the ABA file for each pay run, allowing you to quickly and easily upload to your bank and pay your employees.


Detailed Representation – Every payslip records a snapshot of over 50 fields fully reportable, including gross pay, super contributions, tax and allowances. Associated to each payslip are detail records that provide further granular information.
Printing – Flexible template-based approach to printing. Set your logo and choose from a range of standard templates, includes support for Z fold. Alternatively create a custom template.
Distribution – All payslips are generated as non-editable PDF documents, stored securely and can be distributed physically (a complete pay run PDF file is available), emailed or made available in the employee self service (ESS).
Manual Adjustments – After the initial payslip generation, adhoc changes can be made to edit existing, or add additional payslip detail lines, allowing the payslip to then be recalculated reflecting these amendments.

User Permission and Audit

User Permissions – Benefit from the full use of NetSuite roles and user permissions.  We have also created the Payroll Administrator role, that you can assign as required, giving that user their own role for all things payroll.
Audit Log – All payroll records log field changes, including the previous and new value, the date they were changed and the person who changed this field.
Pay Run History – All payroll records are available for access at anytime.  View pay runs, payslips and all associated records quickly and easily.


CSV Import Assistant – Comes with full import assistant, allowing data from external systems to be imported using CSV files. The assistant provides a step-by-step process, validating your input file and allowing columns to be mapped to the data structures.
SOAP Web Service – Robust SOAP based API (SuiteTalk) or rest based API (REST API) enables automated integration using any modern language including Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby.
Historical Data – Import historical information such as leave accrual balances, leave history, or YTD payslip details, eliminating the need to maintain legacy systems for payment summary purposes.
External Time – If you manage your time logging, award interpretation outside of NetSuite these details can be imported directly and used as the basis to calculate Wages pay.

Multi Company

Multi Jurisdiction Within Single Account – ZonePayroll uses the same core functionality and record structure for all jurisdictions. This enables a company with Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries to be maintained in the one account with no additional management.
Configuration Per Subsidiary – Manage a specific configuration per subsidiary, to ensure employee defaults and region specific options are set correctly.
Report Rollup – NetSuite One world allows reports to be run across multiple subsidiaries providing a holisitic overview of your entire business.

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