The Zone (Apps) family is growing - Welcome to the team, Infinet Cloud!

"I’m incredibly excited to share with you today that Zone has acquired Infinet Cloud Solutions - an award-winning NetSuite partner specializing in payroll & employee-centric solutions built on the Oracle NetSuite platform."

Thomas Kim
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May 24, 2023

I’m incredibly excited to share with you today that Zone has acquired Infinet Cloud Solutions - an award-winning NetSuite partner specializing in payroll & employee-centric solutions built on the Oracle NetSuite platform.

At a time where most companies are focused on better productivity and profitability, they are leaning into new innovative ways to simplify their technology and software stacks. Increasingly deprecating legacy systems for scalable, more flexible technology that can grow with their business while at the same time reducing their overall cost of ownership.

Inline with Zone’s overall vision and goals this acquisition plays a strategic role to continue to broaden our product portfolio with three incredible solutions that live at the intersection of HR and Finance, including:

  1. Infinet Cloud Payroll & Electronic Leave Management - a fully featured NetSuite-native payroll solution for the Australian, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canadian jurisdictions. Compliant with ATO, IRD & HMRC, all legislative changes and functional improvements are seamlessly updated as and when required.
  1. Infinet Cloud MyPay - An employee portal that brings additional benefits, usability and functionality to NetSuite’s employee portal function. It can be used for employees to enter timesheets, update personal information, request leave, file expense reports, and view payslips.
  1. Infinet Cloud Journal Generator - An app to automatically create journal entries in NetSuite based on saved searches. Reducing costs and time required to do month-end or period-end accounting processes.

Expanding into these domains brings us a step closer to offering an end-to-end and one-stop-shop formula for fin-ops & adjacent automation needs. Helping reduce the friction and time required for our customers to procure, implement, and build out their NetSuite environments for scale.

On top of this, we feel fortunate to have the talented Infinet Cloud team join ours. Allowing us to strengthen our product innovation, regionalized support to our global customer base (primarily in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand) and to deepen and broaden our team’s collective expertise. 

We look forward to sharing more with you as the integration progresses and encourage you to read our press release for additional context. 


Thomas Kim 

CEO at  Zone & Co

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