How Do I implement e-invoicing?


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How to implement e-invoicing at your business

  1. You will need to discover the scope of the project based on the current systems and platforms your business works with to conduct its invoicing processes (Zone is happy to help with this by the way!).
  2. We suggest having a walkthrough with a consultant or someone who is familiar with e-invoicing to understand how they operate and how to send to customers, etc. It would also be beneficial to run your e-invoices through a test environment as well.
  3. Be sure you are educated on your country’s specific guidelines related to e-invoices.
  4. The business needs to register with an e-invoicing network. Usually this is done through an online portal with tax identification information. A consultant can help you do this step as well if you run into questions. It’s typical for the registration to take 3-4 weeks to complete on the network side.
  5. All that’s left is to move your process from test or sandbox to production and you’re ready to send e-invoices.

Listen to Justyna Bielak, Zone & Co Product owner, explain these steps here:

Listen to the full podcast episode, How to Prepare for Electronic Invoicing (E-Invoicing), here:

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