Why we chose NetSuite

See why we chose to develop on the #1 global ERP system, NetSuite, and why it might be the ERP for you, too.

Jake Jones

1 min read

July 18, 2022

We chose NetSuite because we believe in its potential to be the most powerful technology for finance teams around the world. It's efficient, smart, secure, global, and has everything you need to manage your entire lead-to-revenue process in a single platform. To sum it up, it's… empowering. And that inspired us to see if we could make it even more comprehensive and more integrated. To turn it into a transformative platform through which you can operate and scale your business. To make it limitless.Enter Zone Apps: A suite of apps built for NetSuite, designed to make finance operations faster and easier for you and your team. So you can spend less time working backwards...and more time working forward.

Does NetSuite Have Payroll?
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Can I Integrate my HR with Payroll in NetSuite?
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Does the software produce all of our CRA, CPA and compliance documentation and submissions?
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