Zone Support Packages & SLA

Standard vs Premium - overview

Standard Support includes:

  • Guaranteed*  response time for a first reply within:
    • 8 business hours for Severity 1
    • 16 business hours for Severity 2
    • Operating hours: 9am-5pm EST, CET and AEST Monday - Friday, public holidays excluded
  • Investigation of the issue
  • Answering HOW-TO question
  • Report of defects/enhancement

Premium - everything in Standard Support + the following:

  • Guaranteed*  response time for a first reply within:
    • 2 business hours for Severity 1
    • 4 business hours for Severity 2
    • Operating hours: 24/5 in customer region/timezone
  • Multichannel support (form, email, telephone)
  • Bundle upgrade assist
  • Quarterly session to discuss usage, training etc.
  • Specific benefits for our ZoneApps

Not in scope:

  • ERP Support (we can advise but will not investigate 3rd party or standard Netsuite features)
  • Consultation over new configurations (such requests will be transferred to our Professional Services team)
  • Changes to the legacy implementation (such requests will be transferred to our Professional Services team)

Item descriptions

  • Report of bugs

Being able to report application defects through the case management process and get information on possible workarounds and resolution.

  • Guaranteed first response

Premium support customers benefit from faster response times, as their cases are always taken with priority.

* SLA: at least 80% of cases are responded to within response times mentioned. Resolution times are not guaranteed as we may depend on third parties to enable us in investigation or applying a solution.

The severity is defined by the assigned support representative.

Severity 1: Critical Business Impact. Licensee’s use of the software is stopped or so severely degraded that the Licensee cannot reasonably continue work related to the software and no known workaround is available.

Severity 2: Substantial Business Impact. Important software features are unavailable with no workaround available. Licensee’s use of the software is continuing; however, there is a serious impact on the Licensee’s productivity.

Severity 3: Some Business Impact. Important software features are unavailable, but a workaround is available, or less significant features are unavailable with no workaround. Licensee’s work related to the software has a minor loss of operational functionality or implementation resources

Severity 4: Minimal Business Impact. Licensee requests information, an enhancement, or documentation regarding the software but there is no immediate, or a minimal, impact on the operation of the software. Licensee’s use of the software is continuing and no work is being materially impeded at the time.

This pertains to the first case response. Resolution times are not guaranteed.

  • Support Operating Hours

The guaranteed case response times are measured in a certain operating window. For Standard Support, customer is assigned into one of 3 regions based on the billing address of customer: NOAM, EMEA or APAC. When in NOAM, support operating hours are 8am - 5pm EST. When in EMEA, support operating hours are 8am-5pm CET. When in APAC, support operating hours are 8am-5pm AEST. All are Monday to Friday. Customer may request to change their region, for example if the majority of users are in a different region. For premium support the support operating hours are 24/5, meaning Monday 8am AEST to Friday 5pm EST. During public holidays in countries, where the Zone support staff is located - USA, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Philippines - operating hours are not met.

  • How-to Questions

Being able to ask how-to questions. This pertains intended functionality of the solution. How-to questions do not include the application of a feature to a specific customer use case. For example, a how-to question that is included: How can I create an Approval Matrix that will be activated on a future date? An example of a specific customer use case question, that is not a how-to question: I would like to automatically activate an approval matrix based on the date in custom record XYZ (where custom record XYZ is not part of the Approvals application). In this case, the question involves a custom process of the customer that needs to be understood in order to answer the question.

  • Telephone Support

Being able to call a dedicated support phone number instead of reaching Support through one of the other channels. There are three available phone numbers (USA, Netherlands and Australia). A front-line support representative will answer and either resolve the case or take notes and proceed offline.

The Premium Support number will be only revealed to customers with an active Premium Support package.

  • Video call / Meeting on reservation

This indicates whether a customer can request a video call to discuss an issue. For premium customers this does not require a prior case with proper description. The alternative is to submit a case with all details about the issue and the support representative will determine whether an online meeting is the best approach to resolve the issue.

  • Q&A quarterly

A quarterly Q&A session of one hour (per app or group of apps) where customers can join and ask any question about the dedicated applications. Support representatives will join the session to answer questions. When the question cannot be resolved during the call, customers may choose to submit a case.

  • Coordination of releases

For managed bundles only. Zone upgrades their SuiteApps (that have the ‘Managed Bundle’ upgrade process) a number of times each year. These upgrades may be Major releases  (large new functionality/rewrites/limited backward compatibility), Minor releases (new features) or Patches (releases with only bugfixes). Zone upgrades customer accounts in a phased manner. Upgrades are announced upfront by email to the known contacts at customer (contact Support to be added to the mailing list). Usually no downtime is expected. Upgrades are possible to test in sandbox in advance. By default, customers do not have a choice for which upgrade phase they are allocated to. However, customers that get the Coordination of Releases benefit may choose their upgrade date. They may choose to postpone the upgrade, but they cannot choose not to upgrade. Product Support team will coordinate with each of these customers individually on their preferred upgrade date and will assist them accordingly.

  • Zone App Specific Benefits

For various Zone Apps, the Premium Support package offers specific benefits:

Bank Reconciliation

Product Support team will assist in configuration of new bank accounts.


Increased priority (‘skip the queue’) of Data Capture Quality cases (these are requests to increase the data capture quality for a specific vendor/invoice layout)


Product Support team will assist in configuration of approval matrixes for a known use case (new use cases or complex use cases may require Professional Services).


Product Support team will assist in configuration of new payment profiles