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ZonePayroll is HMRC recognized, and we support all the main UK jurisdictions including England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. With automatic updates, our payroll solution is always up-to-date and compliant with new legislation with little to no effort from the end-user, particularly through our direct integration with the HMRC where many mundane tasks can be automated with a single click.
HMRC Recognized
Data Provisioning Service (DPS) Ready: receive electronic notification and automatic application of P6 (Tax code) and SL1 / SL2 notices (Student Loan)
Auto Enrollment Compliant: including earnings threshold calculations and triggers, multiple pension funds and CSV exports for upload (PAPDIS)
Tax: PAYE, Student Loan Plans and National Insurance (including Director methods)
P11d and Payrolled Benefits in Kind (PBiK): which includes calculating and posting the liability direct to the General Ledger
Pensions and Auto-Enrollment: Earnings threshold calculations and triggers, multiple pension funds and CSV exports for upload (PAPDIS)
Multi-company and TUPE capabilities: Group employees based on rules for Transfer of Undertakings for a seamless payroll process and report across multiple entities with a single view
Statutory Pay: Maternity, paternity, shared parental and sick
Statutory Forms: P60, P11d and P45
RTI Submission: Including the Full Payment Submission (FPS), Employer Payment Summary (EPS) and P11d(b) to HMRC. Simplified payments via EFT Upload. Coming Soon: Gender pay gap reporting and payrolled benefits
Simplified payments: Via EFT Upload
Bulk Employee Management: Easily add or edit employees en masse
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See how Zone's native payroll solution for NetSuite enabled Frameless Immersive Galleries to transform manual finance processes into an effortless one-stop shop for the finance team.