ZonePayroll for New Zealand

Payroll: Native to NetSuite, local to you

Our cloud-based payroll solution includes on-going updates to the latest rates and thresholds for PAYE, KiwiSaver, ESCT, and Payroll Giving, as well as using the correct method for calculating leave rates as per the Holidays Act. ZonePayroll for New Zealand produces IR348, IR345, and KED files for upload to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). All these features help facilitate compliance with the IRD, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Updates are provided seamlessly when new regulations come into effect.
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There’s no need to worry about miscalculating PAYE as tax rates including ACC Earner Levy rates are automatically updated in ZonePayroll. PAYE deductions become easy with exact figures being calculated for each employee, saving you precious time with each pay run.


Stay on top of all of your company’s KiwiSaver obligations for your employees including ECST. Default rates are automatically applied to employees as they’re setup for payroll, with flexible customization options available for increased rates. All calculations are built into the pay run process and push through to employee pay slips and bundled reports.

IRD Integration

Ensure you’re compliant with the IRD by staying on top of New Zealand reporting requirements including Employer Deductions (IR 345) and the Employer Monthly Schedule (IR 348). Generate required reports with a single click and file them electronically with the IRD.

Public Holidays

Don’t fret over keeping track of public holidays and manually calculating holiday leave for your employees. Public Holidays are maintained by us, meaning they will automatically get pulled into a pay run and all the calculations are done for you.