North America | Unlocking seamless Payment Gateway reconciliation natively in NetSuite

Join Ellen Winhorst, Patrick Norton (Zone&Co) and our guest speakers Joost Kevelam, Daan Kurvers (Cobase) for a joint webinar dedicated to connectivity and reconciliation.

September 28, 2023
1:00 PM ET
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45 min Event

Hosted By:
Ellen Windhorst

About the Event

If recent years taught us one thing, it is that the world goes digital in all aspects of our lives. The consumers around the globe expect a seamless payment experience and retailers are looking for ways to enable it to their customers. Payment service providers (PSPs) are playing a key role. Often coming as an inevitable part of the ERP implementation, the requirement is simple - connect and collect the data needed for a correct cash flow management. NetSuite is one of the most flexible ERP systems in terms of integration to other 3-party tools such as the PSP providers.

Did you know that there is a native application in NetSuite that can handle the reconciliation process of the payment statements within a couple of minutes, every single day?

Did you know that you can connect to the payment service gateways to collect daily statement overviews and send payments similar to the one you collect from and to your bank?

What to expect

In this webinar, we bring to you outlined what PSP reconciliation looks like with ZoneReconcile, natively in NetSuite. We introduce to your our partner Cobase that helps to make the connection between the PSP gateways, banks and NetSuite an easy and care-free task.

As always, we will included a live demonstration of the process directly in NetSuite.

Watch here:

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