North America Region | Introducing Bank Connectivity Automation: Simplify sending payments and downloading bank statements in NetSuite with AccessPay

Join Kevin Koenigs & Anita Stamenkovska (Zone & Co) and Tom Livock & Navpreet Cheema (AccessPay) on Thursday, May 25th at 3 PM EST for a live joint webinar of Zone&Co with our partner AccessPay. This time we will discuss Bank connectivity automation options in NetSuite.

May 25, 2023
3:00 PM ET
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45 min Event

Hosted By:
Kevin Koenigs

About the Event

The biggest thing to understand about bank connectivity is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. All banks have their own technology and integration capabilities, which can vary, even between different bank accounts or countries from the same parent bank.

What to expect

In the demonstration we cover:

- Introduction of AccessPay tool(s)

- Upload of payment file from NetSuite via Zone sFTP into the AccessPay portal

- Download of Bank statement from AccessPay via sFTP into a NetSuite file cabinet

- Auto-processing the bank statement upload into ZoneReconciliation application

- And more!

Watch the full event below:

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