OCR Tool for Accounts
Payable in Netsuite

The native AP automation solution for Netsuite

Automate the cretion of Vendor Bills & Credits using OCR With no need to leave your Netsuite Screen. Manual entry is reduced, and errors eliminated.

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Features at a glance

Automated three-way matching

Enterprise grade pre-built and scalable data model/warehouse for NetSuite with the ability to handle the most customized instances. Using years of experience within these systems, our pre-built solution has replicated and reconciled your data all the while giving you the same experience as you get in their UI’s with your data.

Split-screen view

We offer your business the ability to have “One Version of the Truth Reporting”! In addition to your reporting on your NetSuite data, join Data from any of your data sources, including Salesforce and dozens of additional pre-built connectors.

Machine-learning technology

50+ Pre-built valuable reports that reconcile back to your ERP system with over 100 KPIs and measures. Includes the most commonly requested financial and operational reports.


Create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results. Power BI also allows you to answer tough business questions with it’s modeling and analytics capabilities. Then, publish your dashboards and reports back into your ERP (i.e. NetSuite portlets) using ZoneReporting.


What is ZoneCapture?

The native Netsuite OCR tool for Accounts Payable (AP) Automation
Automate the cretion of Vendor Bills & Credits using OCR with no need to leave your Netsuite Screen. Reduced manual processing for Accounts Payable (AP) by 83%, eliminate risk and enhance your existing Netsuite customisations, workflows, dashboards and reports without worrying about integrations or external software.
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Save costs and improve accuracy by eliminating manual data entry
Native deployment ensures NetSuite remains your single data source
Bills & credits created, stored and visible within corresponding NetSuite records
OCR, auto-learning and e-invoice capture
PO matching, line-level recognition and supplier auto processing
Capture additional fields and extend existing workflows and customizations
Split-screen view and transaction dashboard
Affordable, easy to install and easy to use (remote installation within 1 hour
Automate PDF invoice entry with Capture's intelligent OCR in NetSuite.
How does it work?
It’s easy - you’ll be given an email address where you can send all your PDF invoices. The PDF invoices are processed by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for scanning of the data on the invoice. The scanned data is then mapped directly into a NetSuite Vendor Bill. 

The best bit? As the app operates natively, it respects your existing custom fields, workflows and approval processes, or, along with your new functionality, we can help you introduce new processes. Importantly, we keep it all in NetSuite. No new databases or interfaces to learn.
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What our customer say:
" This AP Solution is very solid & vastly improves productivity when it comes to processing bills/invoices. The support provided is very high quality, informative & they love listening to their customers ideas to help improve the product."
SuiteApp.com review, 2021
Line-level recognition and automated three-way matching
ZoneCapture includes three-way matching as standard. Using vendor name, reference, and transaction values, our OCR tool automatically checks the status of existing purchase orders and receipts to line-level detail. Access a transaction list in NetSuite and view at-a-glance confirmation of a full match, partial match, or mismatch between all of your bills and the original purchase order.
Split-screen view for simple processing, approving, and auditing
With a click, users can view the original document alongside the associated transaction record simultaneously, all directly within NetSuite, meaning complete transaction visibility at any point (approving, paying, auditing). See what you need to see, without searching endless folder structures or contacting colleagues.
Smart OCR, AI, and auto-processing of selected transactions
Using clickable auto-learning, you teach the system to remember custom fields on different invoice layouts for future bills, preventing unnecessary errors or mismatches. Our standard auto-matching functionality even allows you to select trusted vendors and recurring transactions to be automatically processed and authorized.
Multiple subsidiaries, languages, currencies, and customizations supported as standard
ZoneCapture plugs into your core set-up and extends the functionality to automate creating and matching vendor bills and credits. Any existing customizations, custom fields, or workflows you have developed are supported, managed, or enhanced from day one. Our OCR solution also supports multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and almost any language or character set as standard.
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