The Ultimate Amazon Reporting Platform

ZoneReporting is proud to introduce the 1st ever pre-built and automated reporting platform for all your Amazon data (vendor and seller central) in Power BI.

Josh LaSov
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April 18, 2023

ZoneReporting is proud to introduce the 1st ever pre-built and automated reporting platform for all your Amazon data (vendor and seller central) in Power BI.

See it in action with our VP of Strategy BI Products, Josh LaSov.

This platform provides you with:

  • 20+ pre-built imperative reports on your Amazon data for areas such as sales, profitability, inventory/purchase orders, advertising and more
  • Ability to build as many additional reports as you need leveraging all your Amazon Vendor and/or Seller central data
  • Automated nightly data refreshes
  • #1 Ranked BI tool by Gartner: Power BI

Free Whitepaper: 10 Must-Have Reports for Brands That Sell on Amazon

We have created a guide for you to take a deeper look at 10 Amazon reports you need if you are selling on Amazon.

This guide covers 10 Amazon Vendor and Seller Central Executive reports. For each one, we've included a visual example while breaking down its objective and value.

Download Now

Amazon Seller Data + Power BI Webinar

May 2, 2023 10:00am PST

Join our VP of Strategy BI Products, Josh LaSov, and Amazon Product Lead Developer, Brian Leddo, as we dive into the only pre-built Power BI reporting solution for brands selling on Amazon.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Pre-built Reports - see our library of 20+ pre-built reports that will immediately add value to your Amazon selling experience
  • The ability to build and automate reports utilizing all your Amazon data (i.e. sales, profitability, inventory, advertising and more)
  • All your reports will automatically update overnight. This will eliminate the need for Excel reporting (and those associated spreadsheet errors).
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