Learn Power BI with your own NetSuite Data - Speed up Your Reporting Improvement

ZoneReporting Now Offers 2-day Power BI Fundamentals Training Course, Helping your company improve results even faster!

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August 26, 2021

Interested in seeing a demo of ZoneReporting? Click here to request a demo.

ZoneReporting Now Offers 2-day Power BI Fundamentals Training Course

Helping your company improve results even faster!

There is good reason 97% of Fortune 500 companies use Power BI and Gartner keeps ranking them the #1 Leader in the magic quadrant. Power BI has proven itself to be a company's most valuable enterprise-wide reporting tool.

To get the most and quickest value out of an investment in ZoneReporting (Power BI for NetSuite) your team will need training. Our 2-day interactive training course will teach your team beginner and intermediate concepts so that they can:

  1. Build your own reports and dashboards
  2. More easily spread Power BI usage across your organization to shift to a data-driven culture (which we know on average operates at a 20% higher profit margin)
  3. Start to ask better questions about what reports/KPIs you want to use daily by understanding the capabilities of Power BI

Typically, Power BI courses with your own data cost $5k+ per person. Our ZoneReporting/Power BI 2-day fundamentals training program is complimentary for all our customers and you can bring as many of your employees as you'd like to attend.

Power BI Big News Updates

Gartner Magic Quadrant - With the 2021 release of the magic quadrant last week - it's official - Power BI is once again the leader!

Premium Per User Licenses - Currently Power BI offers a $10/month/user license called a Pro License. Just released on 3/2/21, Power BI now offers a new license type called "Premium Per User" for $20/month/user. This is a big deal because of the features that come with this upgraded license type:

  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Cognitive Services
  • Increased Data Size Limits
  • Pixel Perfect Paginated Reports
  • No Code Data Prep at Scale
  • Deployment Pipelines
  • Advanced Security
  • XMLA Read/Write

We are encouraging all our customers to take advantage of this!

Interested in seeing a demo of ZoneReporting? Click here to request a demo.

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