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How ZoneReporting Helps IM Group Save Time & Drive Sales

“It’s effectively buying back 18 months of prep time…It’s a game-changer,” says Peter Adams, Group Chief Information Officer at IM Group.


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Today, with the help of ZoneReporting, IM Group enjoys the ability to make data-backed decisions at a moment’s notice. It’s also allowing them to save time, cut costs, and sell more. 

But before ZoneReporting, it was a whole different ball game. 

The Situation

IM Group is an international company specializing in automotive distribution, property investment and development, and automotive finance lending. Founded in England in 1976, IM Group has become an internationally-renowned, family-owned powerhouse with operations in nine countries and over 500 employees.

As IM Group continued to grow, so did their need for timely and accurate reports. Problem was, their reports took months to create. As a result, they often had to rely on opinion and assumption—not data—to make decisions.

Aware that their lack of a reporting system jeopardized growth opportunities, IM Group set out to find a solution. 

Initially, they were advised to get Power BI and build the system inside NetSuite themselves. But while looking at the significant costs and time necessary to do that, they wondered, ‘Is there anybody out there who can do this?’ 

After researching Power BI solutions for NetSuite, ZoneReporting—as the only Pre-Built Power BI reporting solution for NetSuite—landed at the top of their list.

The Solution

With ZoneReporting, IM Group is now able to make fast, data-backed decisions across all business units in all nine countries of operation. This presents them with millions of pounds of opportunity every year in cross-selling and upselling, while saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds per year on developer costs.

The Results

  • £500K saved in capability costs
  • 10x more cost-effective than a single developer
  • 18 months saved in reporting prep time

“With ZoneReporting, we have the answer when we pose it and can immediately make an informed decision based on data, as opposed to ‘we think, we assume, we believe,’” says Peter Adams, Group CIO at IM Group. 

Learn more about what ZoneReporting can offer your business here!

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