Vendor & Seller Central reporting for Amazon in PowerBI

Actionable reporting for Amazon sellers that will improve your financial and operational outcomes.


Automated & customizable

The new Amazon reporting platform includes 20+ customizable reports for both Vendor & Seller Central. Additionally, you'll leverage the #1 ranked BI tool (Power BI) to be able to build any key reports your business needs - with all your Amazon data automatically refreshing nightly. The open platform allows flexibility in customizing reports and metrics according to specific business needs.

20+ customizable reports

Get valuable reports on your Amazon data for areas such as sales, profitability, inventory / purchase orders, advertising and more.

#1 ranked reporting tool

Build as many additional reports as you need leveraging all your Amazon Vendor and/or Seller central data in the #1 ranked BI tool - Power BI.

Improved brand outcomes

Leverage your Amazon data and focus on your key KPIs to improve your brands financial and operational outcomes.

Fully automated reporting

Your Amazon data will refresh automatically on a daily basis - allowing you to ditch manual and error prone spreadsheet reporting.

There’s more to love

ZoneReporting is the only customizable Power BI reporting solution for NetSuite, Salesforce, and more.
200+ customizable Power BI reports and dashboards
Microsoft certified app
NetSuite certified SuiteApp
#1 Ranked BI tool by Gartner (Power BI)
NetSuite and Salesforce's data model replicated and reconciled
Implementation in weeks
Includes hands-on consultation and training
CFO built dashboard collections that provide business insight on Day 1
Embed Power BI Reports back into your source system
Best of all, our KPI Scorecard report is fully customizable. Choose the metrics that are most important to your business, and set targets for each one. Stop digging for data and focus on the areas that are most critical to your success, ensuring that you are making progress towards your goals.
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