Data Sheet | ZoneBilling API

The ZoneBilling API should be utilized as the endpoint for integrations necessary for ZoneBilling Implementations. This should be used instead of the native NetSuite SOAP-based NetSuite Connectors. You can learn more about the ZoneBilling API in our technical documentation.

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January 6, 2023

Benefits of the ZAB API

The ZAB API provides several benefits not available via middleware SOAP-based NetSuite connectors 

 This is not a comprehensive list, but covers the highlights of why a customer should choose the ZAB API (included with the ZAB bundle) over a NetSuite connector that is packaged with some middleware applications:

  • Create Bulk Usage Data - The ZAB API allows the customer to send large amounts of usage data to NetSuite. The API automatically parses large files and can initiate ZAB automation processes. Efficiencies are greatly increased with the ZAB API.
  • Retrieve ZAB API Exports - The ZAB API allows the customer to leverage ZAB API exports to retrieve and filter results based on saved searches. ZAB API allows for easy retrieval of subsets of data that harness the power of native NetSuite saved searches (joins, formulas, formatting, etc.).
  • ZAB Automations - The ZAB API gives the ability to add ZAB automations during the creation of ZAB or Native NetSuite records.

And many more...

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