Strong Growth in Second Quarter of 2022

ZoneReporting extended their strong start in 2022 with continued revenue growth over the prior year.

Josh LaSov
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August 17, 2022

ZoneReporting extended their strong start in 2022 with continued revenue growth over the prior year.

Headcount continues to expand in sales, service, and support. Investments in the reporting platform extended into this quarter with another big release to our flagship product – a supply chain reporting package.

“I talk to our customers every day on the value they are receiving from ZoneReporting and it just proves why more and more NetSuite customers are adopting our platform” said Josh LaSov, CEO of ZoneReporting “Our investments in the product and service teams have yielded amazing returns as seen through the success of these customers.”

Q2 2022 highlight include:

  • 190% increase in ARR from the prior year
  • New customers worldwide such as Sunday Afternoons, Anexinet Corp, RealWear, Renovation Brands, Scent Beauty, Ibushak, and Quickparts
  • Recruitment growth globally in our Partner channel with additions such as Bring IT, Centrilogic, Folio3, and PTX Partners
  • The release of the Supply Chain Reporting package which was much anticipated for those inventory-based and ecommerce businesses on NetSuite

ZoneReporting will strive to lengthen our lead in the NetSuite community for enterprise-wide reporting and analytics.  You will see additional programs around Customer Success that will increase the value and business performance benefits our customers receive from the ZoneReporting platform.  

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