ZonePayroll for Other Jurisdictions

With the flexibility offered, it’s simple to tailor ZonePayroll and Leave Management to work in many jurisdictions. Many customers have already discovered and are happily using our products in countries across the globe including Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and more.

Pay slips

Customizing the layout and design of printable pay slips in our payroll solution is straightforward and requires only limited HTML knowledge. Shuffle things around, source additional data or group information differently to create pay slips that are compliant in your jurisdiction (or look just like you want them to).

Electronic Payments

ABA? Bacs? EFT? It doesn’t matter what the banks call it in your country. Paying your employees electronically can be completely automated. We provide integrations for various formats like ISO 20022 XML and a large number of international banks including Bank of America, Barclays and HSBC.


ZonePayroll comes with over 100 searches and reports fully configured and ready to run. Whatever complex reporting requirement you have, it’s likely one of the existing reports will give you the data you need. If not, then just modify or create a report that does.

Income Tax

Tax really doesn’t need to be taxing. With support for true flat rates, marginal flat taxes, effective tax rates, and progressive tax including marginal tax rates and income/tax brackets – ZonePayroll has it covered.


Public or statutory holidays are completely configurable and can be setup however you need. Different holidays for different states within the same jurisdiction? No problem. Are some employees not entitled to public holidays? With ZonePayroll this is made easy.