Lead Portal Benefits

  • Provide your Sales Teams with an easy to use dashboard to nurture their leads.
  • Improve the efficiency of your Sales Teams by displaying key information right from the start.
  • Sort and Filter leads by priority, category, or other data points of your choosing.
  • Effortlessly record interactions with your leads and automatically create next-step activities.
  • Create a chain of touchpoints to better understand and analyze your sales cycle.

The Zone Lead Portal helps sales teams manage, organize and prioritize their inbound leads. Responses to campaigns kicked off by your Marketing team will be routed to the Lead Portal as individual tasks to be completed. The bundle includes a custom dashboard element that displays key information about the inbound lead, with sorting, filtering, expand and collapse capability and quick links to other related records, such as the full customer record or any open opportunities.

Directly from the portal, users can perform different actions on each of their leads as their nurturing efforts continue – such as automatically scheduling phone calls, creating opportunities, or logging information that has been gathered from their interactions with the lead. Behind the scenes, the Lead Portal creates a chain of activity, allowing you to track key metrics related to your sales cycle, such as call counter statistics, how many touchpoints occurred before an opportunity was created, how many days the lead was active.

Key Features

Lead Routing by Campaign: Set the desired behavior for inbound leads for each campaign, such as how they should be distributed to Sales Teams, their priority, or how quickly Sales needs to make contact with the lead.

Key Lead Information Identified: The Lead Portal Dashboard element provides key data related to the lead to ensure that your Sales Team wastes no time digging for information. Primary data typically includes the name of the lead, phone number, email addresses, company website, the assigned Sales Rep, and a priority level for the lead.

Expand and Collapse Functionality: Each lead displayed in the portal can then be expanded to view more related information for the lead. Secondary information may include products already owned, office location, previously logged notes, or quick links to navigate to other related records, such as their full customer record or any open opportunities.

Easy Sorting and Filtering of Leads: The Lead Portal allows you to easily organize and manage Leads, providing the ability to sort on any of the various columns, which in turn allows you to better prioritize which leads to attend to first.

Improved Analytics: By tracking each touch point related to a lead, insight into your Sales Cycle is enhanced. Metrics include call counter statistics, the number of round of engagement before the lead was qualified, and various conversion rates.


Make the most of lead nurturing by taking advantage of the value Zone’s Lead Portal can provide. Improve the effectiveness of your Sales Teams by providing them with a dashboard displaying all the information they need to successfully engage with the lead, the ability to record activity, or schedule next steps, all from a few clicks in this centralized portal.