Vendor Bill Capture Benefits

  • Improve the efficiency of your procure-to-pay process
  • Match inbound emails directly to open purchase orders in your system
  • Automatically process a bill directly from the inbound email
  • Attach any back and forth email correspondence directly to the bill in the system.

The Vendor Bill Capture bundle operates as an Inbox that lives on the User’s Dashboard. Access to the Inbox can be provisioned out to the roles involved with A/P Processing. The Vendor Bill Inbox will show all inbound emails that were received into NetSuite. Directly from this Inbox, you can choose to Process, Archive or Reply to the email. If you choose to Process it, the bundle will assist with identifying any matching Vendors and any open Purchase Orders for that Vendor. Once you’ve matched the inbound email with the appropriate vendor, you fully process the bill directly from the inbound email. All Files that were attached to the original email, as well as a copy of the email itself, are carried through the process and attached to the Vendor Bill.

Key Features

Vendor Recognition: The bundle with auto-suggest Vendors for you to match inbound emails with, prioritizing full string addresses, previously used email addresses, and domain addresses.

Purchase Order Identification: Once a vendor has been selected, any associated open purchase orders for that vendor will appear in a dropdown selection menu, displaying both the PO Number, as well as the current status of the PO.(PO#1000- Pending Billing) for you to better identify the corresponding Purchase Order.

Email Message & File Capture: The system will have captured the message that accompanied the email as well as any files that were included with the email, ensuring that you do not miss details.

File Preview: All files will be included by default, and you can choose which files you want to continue to attach as you move forward with processing the bill.

Seamless Bill Processing: Through the intelligence of the bundle, many of the fields on the Bill with be auto-populated for you. After you submit the completed bill into the system, the original email will be stamped with the associated Bill #, marked as ‘Processed’, and removed from the Inbox queue on your dashboard.


Transform your Accounts Payable process to a seamless and transparent chain of events. Eliminate the need to navigate between your email program, upload files into Netsuite, and searching for Vendor or Purchase Order records in NetSuite. Let Zone’s Vendor Bill Capture bundle improve your efficency today.