Consolidated Invoicing Benefits

Consolidated Invoicing is designed to assist companies who have multiple billing instances throughout a defined period, with a desire to for the customer to only see one summary invoice for all activity during the term. Instead of presenting all of the invoices to the customer, the bundle allows you to consolidate all of the invoices into a single object to present to the customer. The customer can pay the consolidated invoice as they would a regular standalone invoice, however the features of the bundle enable the single customer payment to be applied to all of the invoices that were associated with the consolidated invoice.

Key Features

Separate Internal Process from Customer Expectations: Continue to bill as you regularly would, but don’t let your internal process confuse your customers. Consolidated Invoicing allows you to set up a schedule for all invoices in a given period, for multiple customers if desired, to create one clean and organized invoice that contains all of their transaction activity for the term.

Strategically Invoice Your Customers: Consolidated Invoicing allows you to combine multiple invoices into a single, summarized invoice. Use cases may include presenting Resellers with one invoice for multiple channel deals for their various sub-accounts, or sending one invoice to a company’s headquarters for of all of their subsidiaries’ transactions in a given period.

Choose How Billed Items are Presented: The display of the Consolidated Invoice is very dynamic, providing a lot of flexibility on how to present line items to the customer. There are three main categories by which you can group: Header, Line and Item. Header fields typically represent locations; Line summarization represents the type or category of item, such as Renewal or Upsell, while Item summarization captures the item specifics, such as product licenses or services.

Seamlessly Apply Payments: When accepting payment at the Consolidated Invoice level, the payment will automatically be applied to all of the underlying invoices. If the Consolidated Invoice was across multiple customer records, the bundle will apply the payment to the other invoices attached to the all of the involved customers. The bundle eliminates the hassle of recording a payment for each individual invoice or customer.


Take advantage of the flexibility Zone’s Consolidated Invoicing provides to strategically invoice your customers. Whether your customer wants to see their invoices summarized by period, location, or product line, Consolidating Invoicing can organize and present these details into one document.