The fastest finance teams run on Zone Apps for NetSuite

Zone Apps were built to help you do more with less effort. From billing operations to accounts payable, we've got your finance team covered. And it's all built on NetSuite.

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Zone Apps

Limitless software for finance teams sick of playing catch up


Borderless Billing

Wouldn't it be nice to finish this month's work...this month? Gone are the days of reconciling complicated billing against even more complicated revenue rules. Now you can operate billing and rev rec completely in NetSuite and free yourself from the limitations of siloed solutions and clunky all-in-ones—even as you go global and expand into new territories with different currencies.
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Zone and co no limitations, borderless billing, and revenue

Painless Capture

Still manually entering in PDF invoices from vendors? Time to change that. With Capture, harness world-leading intelligent OCR technology to automatically scan and capture any record type in NetSuite. The system learns with each transaction, making capturing your invoices, well, smart.
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Scan and capture any record type in Netsuite

Effortless Approvals

Approvals are only as useful as they are easy to manage. Manual workflows leave teams overwhelmed with emails and too-many-clicks-to-count. With Approvals, anyone with or without NetSuite experience can build, manage, and edit simple to complex workflows  effortlessly.
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Dynamic approval system
native suiteapp

Seamless Payments

Your payments should be as easy for you as they are for customers, but most payment gateways create more work for finance teams, not less. With Payments, easily integrate your payment gateways like Stripe with NetSuite and get the best of both worlds: a seamless, digital payments experience that customers love, and so will you.
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Netsuite software

Wait. What’s a SuiteApp?

A SuiteApp is a software application built to work specifically with the NetSuite ERP platform in an effort to enhance, extend, or augment core NetSuite functionality. There are a variety of application types that software developers like Zone & Co build for the NetSuite platform, our favorite being Native SuiteApps.

Native SuiteApp

If a software application is a Native SuiteApp, this means that the solution rests entirely on the SuiteCloud platform and is deployed to NetSuite accounts using SuiteBundler. This also means that all components of the software are evaluated within the Built for NetSuite (BFN) verification process.

Integrated SuiteApp

Applications that are Integrated SuiteApps host a majority of the solution external to NetSuite and the SuiteCloud platform. This is essentially a 3rd party software solution with a custom or generic connector to integrate data. Only components within NetSuite are verified for BFN.

Hybrid SuiteApp

As you might expect, these SuiteApps are a hybrid of Native and Integrated SuiteApps, meaning that components exist both within and external to the SuiteCloud platform. Usually these are separate solutions that use a combination of internal and external data and/or custom UI.