Monetize your business all in one place.

Upgrade your NetSuite instance to the #1 cloud-based Agile Monetization Platform. Manage your subscriptions & contracts, rating , billing, collections, and renewals – all-in-one with Zone Advanced Billing.

ALL-in-One SOlution

Powered by NetSuite

While point solutions tout integration as a value-add to their billing platforms, ZAB sits directly in NetSuite as a part of your ERP – one powerful solution.

Recurring Billing

Subscriptions Billing

With ZAB, you can easily manage upsells, downsells, cancellations, pricing adjustments, billing schedule changes, and renewals all-in-one place.

Usage & Rating

Usage-based Billing

ZAB’s conditional billing rules let you price your usage-based billing the way you want – tiered usage, minimums, prepaid, shared, max charges & more.

Account Hierarchies

Consolidated Invoicing

Manage master contracts and add customer specific logic for contracts & subscriptions onto one invoice – no matter the hierarchy of relationships.

Complex Contracts

Contracts Management

Manage complex uplift calculations or tier adjustments, reference external CPI rates, and easily forecast your renewals all in ZAB, powered by NetSuite.

Total Contract Value

Revenue Recognition

Capture TCV and allocate revenue appropriately using built-in automated revenue management – all fully compliant with ASC606 & IFRS15.

Monetization Models

Where innovation becomes revenue.

Zone Advanced Billing, built for NetSuite, is completely configurable to your business’ exact needs, no matter how complex the use case, billing model, or revenue requirements. Whether you're in the membership, usage, leasing, internet of things, XaaS, or (you name it) economy, Zone has you covered.
Fixed Recurring Fees
One-time Fees
Contracts Management
Variable Usage
Flat & Variable Rate Pricing Options
Minimum Commitment Contracts
Commitments Plus Overage
Prepaid Subscriptions
Prepaid Usage
Insertion Orders
Prorated Charges
Evergreen Contracts
Consolidated Invoicing
Rollover Usage
Pooling of Usage for Tier Rating
Inventory/Fulfillment Items
Variable Billing Schedules
Contract Renewals
Complex Revenue Management
and more!
Monetize Like Never Before

ERP/Financials, billing, and revenue - all in one place.

Your entire complex order-to-cash process belongs on one platform, not scattered across 3rd party platforms. With ZAB, consolidate the monetization systems that matter most: ERP, billing, financials, and advanced revenue recognition – all-in-one.

Agile Billing

Any model, anywhere, any time.

ZAB configures NetSuite to continuously meet and exceed the needs of hyper-scale businesses with increasingly complex monetization models. Because your billing & revenue recognition work flawlessly inside your ERP, you can take on any model with any requirements, anywhere NetSuite is.

  • Subscription Billing
  • Usage-based Billing
  • Hybrid Billing
  • Dynamic Billing
  • Multi-entity
  • International

(Your industry goes here).

ZAB was designed to be entirely configurable to the needs of your specific business and industry. No matter how you bill, ZAB can handle it. And because it’s part of NetSuite, you get one source of truth across the business.

  • Software / SaaS
  • IT & Information Systems
  • Supplies & Services
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Finance & FinTech
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Media & Advertising
  • Telecommunications
Charge Schedules

Scheduling freedom.

ZAB allows for complete configurability in scheduling the way you charge and bill customers within a specific period of time. Have total control over the relationship between the service period (when the customer incurs charges) and the bill dates (when you want to bill the customer for that service period).

  • Annual Charges
  • Quarterly Charges
  • Monthly Charges by Date
  • Monthly Charges by Calendar
  • Custom Charge Intervals
  • Custom Charge Frequencies
Dynamic Renewals

Renew whoever, whenever.

Whether you're renewing certain customers and their subscriptions one-by-one, or batching many types of subscriptions to renew automatically, ZAB's dynamic renewals allow you to configure and manage customer renewals based on your exact business model.

  • High Configurability
  • Renewal Rate Policies
  • Renewal Estimates
  • Renewal Forecasts
Pricing Options

Price your way.

Pricing Options in ZAB allow you to determine the price for a customer and how that price is calculated – per-customer, per-item, etc. – in incredible detail. Set prices based on tiers/levels, usage, commitments, or other rating calculations. The choice is all yours.

  • Price Books
  • Price Levels
  • Min/Max Charges
  • Usage Rates
  • Contract-level Pricing
  • and more!

We have a decentralized billing process and are able to centralize on NetSuite with Zone. The fact that [ZAB] can handle all of the billing scenarios we have [is] significant.

Operations Manager,
Revenue Management

True revenue recognition.

Because ZAB exists directly within NetSuite, revenue recognition becomes much easier (and more accurate). Leverage NetSuite's robust native revenue management solution and ZAB's advanced recognition capabilities to automate your complex revenue management – in total compliance.

  • ASC 606 Compliant
  • IFRS 15 Compliant
Intelligent CHARGES

Change your charge on a dime.

Need to prorate, adjust, or add discounts on a regular basis? ZAB has you covered. Discount at any point in the billing cycle given the scenario, easily configure detailed prorations against charge periods, and make adjustments at any point based on a number of variables or calculations.

  • Prorations
  • Discounts
  • Adjustments
Connected Data

Native NetSuite transactions.

Because your transactions are created natively in NetSuite from ZAB charges, you have a clean, auditable record and reporting of everything related to your transactions right in NetSuite, making processes like revenue recognition & rating infinitely more accurate. No more fishing for answers between platforms, or relying on excel to aggregate information. Now that's connected data.

  • Manual Transactions
  • Automated Transactions
Automated Processes

No-click automation. No, really.

Switch from manually executing key processes in ZAB to no-click automation with a few simple steps. Trigger your automations from data in-platform, or from proprietary data connected through the ZAB API.

  • Execute Ratings
  • Create Transactions
  • Bulk API Requests
  • Automate Communications
  • Automate Collections
  • and more!

Ready to integrate.

Need to expand access to ZAB beyond the NetSuite? No problem. Use our  API to connect ZAB to your proprietary system, website, or 3rd party platform to post or get any required data between platforms.

  • Token-based Authentication
  • Bulk API Requests
Zone Advanced Billing

The benefit of order-to-cash, all-in-one.


One platform.

Manage only one Customer record, one Item master, and leverage native NetSuite capabilities and transaction types.

Accessible reporting.

With ZAB + NetSuite, unify your data and reporting with as much – or as little – detail as you need and want.

Accurately automated.

Close your books 50% faster & automate your billing, data, workflows, approvals, and tasks, all with ZAB + NetSuite.

Completely compliant.

Because your ERP, billing, and revenue are in one place with ZAB, you get the most robust and compliant rev rec solution.

Future proof.

Change the complexity & volume of data, transactions, and users without any costly updates, integrations, or new platforms.

Always evolving.

Customize ZAB to manage your unique billing & revenue recognition needs, no matter how complex the model.

Fully integrated.

Integrate ZAB + NetSuite with your preferred CRM and CPQ platform to unite Marketing, Sales, Operations & Finance.

More capable.

Save days a month by ridding the need to navigate multiple complex platforms, spreadsheets, and data.

Entirely extensible.

There is no pricing model ZAB can't handle. Continuously grow your ability to innovate and extend the platforms capabilities.

Global ready.

Leverage the existing tax & localization functionalities of NetSuite to grow your business across oceans, all within ZAB.

Zone Advanced Billing

Scale at a fraction of the cost.

Save Time

Close your books up to 50% faster, save days a month, and see a major increase in efficiencies across finance.

Save Money

With ZAB – powered by NetSuite – you get more resources back with fixed pricing. You grow while your expenses don't.

Adapt Anytime

ZAB is an adaptive environment, evolving as your business does – now you can change your billing without switching platforms.

Innovate Freely

You need software that can add new products, models, or entities at the speed of demand, not the pace of development.


Finance ZAB, pay $0 for 90 days.

Zone & Co has partnered with Dimension Funding to provide financing for Zone's ZAB customers for both ZAB License and Implementations. Customers who finance through Dimension Funding pay $0 for 90 days.
Our Process

How we'll work together:

1. Connect the dots.

We’ll begin by spending time gathering requirements and connecting the dots on how ZAB can help you scale.

2. Discover the possibilities.

We'll do an assessment of your current setup and discuss your business processes, desired areas of improvement, and big picture opportunities.

3. Propose a solution.

Once we know your comprehensive processes and goals, we'll demo and propose ZAB solutions to scale. Then you apply for funding (it’s easy).

4. Build for success.

We'll build your ZAB solution in NetSuite - configuring, creating unique solutions, migrating data, and improving overall efficiencies in the business.

5. Grow your capabilities.

Our ZAB experts will train your team members to become Super Users, enabling them to scale the business using all of ZAB’s capabilities.

6. Optimize, then innovate.

Once your team is used to operating in ZAB, we can fully support your NetSuite and ZAB instance. While you focus on innovating, we'll focus on optimizing.
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