Course Objectives

After participating in Zone’s Using Accounts Payable course, you will be able to:

  • Manage your Vendors
  • Create and Approve Purchase Orders
  • Receive goods and services in NetSuite
  • Create Bills and Pay your Vendors
  • Generate key Accounts Payable reports

Course Highlights

Vendor Management – Learn how to create a vendor record, add new contacts associated with the vendor, and how to set the Vendor record up to make purchases for the items or services your business needs. Additionally, learn how to return goods to your vendor if necessary, with the ability to track what is being returned and why, and how to enter a transaction to show credit from a vendor to apply towards your payables account.

Purchase Requests and Orders – Walk through the creation of purchase requests and purchase orders. Discuss options for implementing an approval process and giving your employees permission to acquire goods or services from vendors.

Receiving Goods and Services – Learn how to receive items into NetSuite so that as your orders arrive, you can match the items against open Purchase Orders to ensure you received exactly what you ordered.

Entering and Paying Bills – Learn how to track your payables by entering bills as they arrive from vendors and pay them from the payables list as they are due. Discuss options for implementing an approval process and giving your employees permission to pay for goods or services.

Reporting – Explore the standard Accounts Payable Reports NetSuite provides – reviewing both summary and detailed information on your purchases, and payables including payment history and balances. Learn to add and setup portlets including reminders, shortcuts, and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your Accounts Payable process and activities.

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