Course Objectives

After participating in Zone’s SuiteAnalytics Advanced: Searches and Reports, you will be able to:

  • Apply expressions, functions and basic SQL formulas for more complex analysis.
  • Create saved search email alerts and scheduled emails.
  • Group data by column values for summarized results, add grand totals to numeric and currency columns, and use functions to format date and numeric values.
  • Create KPI scorecards to compare information over multiple date ranges or accounting periods using formulas to dive deeper into your data.

Course Highlights:

Add In Depth Analysis – Power your searches and reports by building combinations of criteria with parenthetical expressions for more complex analysis.

Enhanced Saved Searches – Improve the delivery of your search results by creating email alerts or sending summarized reports according to a designated schedule.

Apply Advanced Formatting and Calculations – Learn how to transform your data into meaningful results by using summarized results, calculations and formulas.

Improve KPI Scorecards – Further expand your knowledge on KPI scorecards by incorporating your newly created advanced searches, highlighting and comparisons overtime.

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