Course Objectives

After participating in Zone’s Navigating Netsuite, you will be able to:

  • Understand where information lives in NetSuite
  • Navigate the various different record types used in NetSuite
  • Learn shortcuts for inputting data and creating ways to access pages, records or data quickly from your dashboard.
  • Customize your dashboard to set up for success


Course Highlights

General Navigation – Understand how NetSuite is organized, the various ways to access or search for information, and some ways to add personal preferences to make your time in NetSuite more effective.

Record Types and Fields – Learn how to find records, create records, and understand the associated fields that are used to capture data on these records.

Introduction to Searches and Reports – Learn how to locate information, NetSuite’s provided reports, and how to create simple searches to find and save the information you need.

Tips and Tricks – Discover shortcuts and other techniques that will improve your efficiency and productivity within the system.

Functional and Useful Dashboards – Explore the collection of portlets that you can use to present real-time information or tasks that are important for you to be successful at your job – such as adding Reminders, quick links, and data to your dashboard.

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