Course Objectives

After participating in Zone’s Introduction to SuiteAnalytics: Searches and Reports, you will be able to:

  • Locate and use NetSuite’s standard reports.
  • Customize standard reports to match business requirements.
  • Understand and use standard metrics to monitor business trends.
  • Create searches to access and dynamically display key data.
  • Share the data in NetSuite with both internal and external stakeholders in easy to read charts and graphs.
  • Create personalized, real-time dashboards rich with tools to analyze operational performance.

Why NetSuite One World?

Using Reports and the ReportBuilder – Become familiar with NetSuite’s pre-built reports while understanding where the report data lives and comes from. Explore parent/child relationships, related records, and field names to fully comprehend how NetSuite stores data within the system. Then, work with the ReportBuilder to customize standard reports, identify report requirements and plan the report design for customer reports for your business, and learn how to create Summary, Detailed and Matrix views of all your newly created reports.

Creating Saved Searches – Learn how to define saved search criteria, and how to produce the desired data points you wish to see by selecting meaningful result options. Discover how to make your search results even more powerful by adding in options for filtering, highlighting critical information, and sharing it with the appropriate audiences.

Leveraging Standard KPIs and Creating Custom KPIs – Become familiar with using NetSuite’s standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and displaying these metrics as various dashboard elements including pop-up trend graphs, meters and scorecards. Apply what you learned about saved searches to power custom KPI’s specific to your business and its users.

Presenting the Data – Learn how to share and export report data via CSV, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, dashboards, Web Query and ODBC. Assemble the reports, searches, and KPIs you created into “smart” dashboards, presenting all the information you need on a daily basis right at your fingertips.

Start Learning Today

Master the use of saved searches, reports, key performance indicators (KPIs) and Dashboard elements so that you can have all the information you need to analyze and drive your business forward.