Implementation Overview

As a NetSuite Solution Provider, Zone partners with your organization to drive the success of your NetSuite implementation.

  • Every customer receives their own dedicated project manager
  • Phased multi-stage approach with regularly scheduled status check-in meetings
  • A Project Plan that highlights priorities, contingencies, and a timeline.
  • Solutions that are customized to your processes and organization
  • Development of integrations that your business may need
  • Training for your users so that your transition to NetSuite goes as smooth as possible.

The breadth and depth of our business backgrounds, plus our experience across multiple verticals and deep technical knowledge of NetSuite make us uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your NetSuite installation. Zone uses a phased approach that has greatly benefited our customers in their implementations. Composed of activities logically grouped into distinct stages, Zone’s implementation methodology supports the long-term success of the NetSuite deployment, making it easier to provide management and control during the lifecycle of a project. This staged approach has been designed to be flexible enough to allow specific requirements to be properly addressed and for methods and techniques to be selected and implemented as needed.

Implementation Stages

After meeting with your organizations stakeholders, we’ll work together to identify a list of projects and key areas of focus for your NetSuite instance. The intent of this list is to initiate discussion on possible enhancements that can be made to your NetSuite environment to help scale the business by speeding up data entry, removing inefficiencies, improving the user experience, increasing usability of metrics/reports/dashboards, and ensuring accuracy of data. Once we’ve had a chance to review Zone’s recommendations together, we’ll assign you a dedicated Project Manager and kick off your NetSuite Implementation.


We’ll get organized, introduce your business to the Zone team, and start outlining your implementation.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Define Project Map, Priorities, and Timeline
  • Assign Project Manager
  • Project Kickoff


We’ll work together to understand what are the needs of your business, as well as explore your business goals and initiatives.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Analyze Business Processes
  • Identify Business Process Gaps
  • Document Business Requirements
  • Define Data Migration, Integration and User Adoption Strategies
  • Finalize Project Plan


We’ll explore how NetSuite addresses your business requirements and improves your current processes.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Solution Design
  • Customizations
  • Integrations


We’ll adapt NetSuite to your business by diving deep into your systems- configuring, creating solutions specific for you company’s processes, migrating data, and improving efficiency.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Configure Application
  • Deploy customizations and integrations
  • Develop data migration mappings


We’ll test the solutions we’ve developed so that you can be confident in NetSuite.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Prepare Test Plan
  • Execute Tests


You’ll begin running your business on NetSuite and we’ll train your team members so that they are your company’s new super users.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Prepare and Train Users
  • Migrate Source Data
  • Cutover Business Processes


Once you’ve been using the system for some time, we’ll review any adjustments you may need and begin discussing future improvements to further drive your success.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Review Project Success
  • Transition to Support
  • Plan Ongoing Improvement


Zone helps you tailor your NetSuite software solution to your unique business requirements. Your dedicated Project Manager will lay out the implementation with a clear description of tasks, roles and responsibilities for both parties, deliverables, best practices, timeline and a training plan so that you can get your organization up and running on NetSuite.