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Unify your ERP, Billing & RevRec.

Get Zone Advanced Billing + NetSuite – the only unified platform for ERP, Billing, and RevRec. Built Directly within NetSuite, ZAB is designed to simplify the way your business handles complex billing & revenue recognition. From simple recurring or usage based billing to complex consolidated invoicing and variable billing, we've got you covered.

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Running on spreadsheets and costly integrations?

As a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, Zone & Co has you covered from start to finish on your path to freedom from too many platforms (or not enough) to the only unified platform that handles complex billing, revrec and financials all in one powerful cloud ERP, NetSuite.

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Considering NetSuite? Consider your Billing & RevRec needs, too.

If you're not considering billing and revenue recognition functionality and requirements when choosing the right cloud-based business management system, you should be. Faulty integrations with disparate billing platforms have created what we call platform chaos. That's why we're here.

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Get NetSuite + ZAB, 

simplify billing for good.


For years, endless spreadsheets and point solutions have been the only options in enterprise to handle the complexities of changing pricing models, usage-based billing, and contract management. Faulty integrations and disparate platforms added technology to the problem, but didn’t solve it – platform chaos prevailed. You deserve the power of a custom built tool with the simplicity of an out of the box solution.
Zone Advanced Billing is an enterprise grade subscription & billing management system built entirely within NetSuite and designed to handle everything from simple recurring to highly complex usage based and variable billing scenarios. Finally, a unified platform solution for all your ERP, Billing, and RevRec needs – no matter how complicated. 

Any way you can bill,
ZAB + NetSuite can, too.

Just because you change your pricing model doesn’t mean you need new platforms. Change how you bill without changing everything. Here’s a taste of what ZAB can automate & consolidate:

  • Fixed Recurring Fees
  • One-Time Fees
  • Variable Usage
  • Flat & Variable Rate Pricing Options
  • Minimum Commitment Contracts
  • Commitments Plus Overage
  • Prepaid Subscriptions
  • Prepaid Usage
  • Prorated Charges
  • Evergreen Contracts
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Rollover Usage
  • Pooling of Usage for Tier Rating
  • Inventory/Fulfillment Items
  • Variable Billing Schedules
  • Contract Management and Renewals
  • Revenue  Recognition Compliance

Why Zone Advanced Billing
is the go-to advanced billing solution for NetSuite customers

  • Built Directly in NetSuite.
  • Built Directly in NetSuite.

    While Point Solutions tout integration as a value-add to their billing platforms, ZAB sits directly in NetSuite as a part of your ERP. Same Customer Master, same Item Master, same Dashboards, same System – one simplified and powerful Solution.

  • ARR Subscription Management.
  • ARR Subscription Management.

    You should be able to manage your subscriptions with simplicity. With ZAB + NetSuite you can easily manage upsells, downsells, cancellations, pricing adjustments, billing schedule changes, and renewals all within a single platform.

  • Automated Usage-based Billing.
  • Automated Usage-based Billing.

    ZAB’s ability to configure conditional billing rules lets you price your consumption billing the way you want. Tiered usage, minimum commitments, prepaid usage, shared usages, maximum charges, included units – you name it, we can calculate it.

  • Contracts Designed to Renew.
  • Contracts Designed to Renew.

    Contracts are meant to renew. Manage complex uplift calculations or tier adjustments, reference external CPI rates, and easily forecast your renewals all in NetSuite with flexible item level start and end dates.

  • Total Contract Value Revenue.
  • Total Contract Value Revenue.

    ASC606 & IFRS15 make revenue recognition hard. ZAB is designed to make it simple again. Capture TCV and allocate revenue appropriately using both ZAB and NetSuite’s Advanced Revenue Management.

  • Consolidated Billing.
  • Consolidated Billing.

    Parent/Child, Partner/End User, Franchise/Location, Distributor/Reseller – whatever the relationships may be, you're covered. Manage master contracts and add customer specific logic for consolidating contracts & subscriptions onto one invoice.

Great Tool For Subscription Billing

"Zone Advanced Billing (ZAB) helped us prepare for growth as we had many customers on what seemed like an infinite number of billing scenarios. We were using countless spreadsheets to track customers with recurring charges, usage-based volume with and without tiered pricing, monthly minimum commitments, prepaid usage, and many other billing types across many different SKUs. ZAB allowed us to consolidate and automate our billing and provide more accurate reports to management."

Lead your digital transformation
with ZAB + NetSuite.

Complex Billing, Simplified.

Simple and powerful can coexist. Because ZAB is built entirely in NetSuite, manage only one Customer record, one Item master, and leverage native NetSuite reporting capabilities and transaction types once the charges generate – Sales Orders, Invoices, Cash Sales, Credit Memos, etc.

Transparency Matters.

Sometimes, it’s good to be open. Your customers and staff deserve to know exactly what's happening, where, when, and why at any time in real-time. With ZAB, unify your data and reporting with as much – or as little – detail as you need and want.

Work Faster not Harder.

Close your books up to 50% faster.  Automate your billing, data, workflows, approvals, and tasks, all with ZAB. You’ll save up to days a month by ridding the need to navigate multiple and complex platforms, spreadsheets, and data to close your books.

Go Automated, Stay Accurate.

Manual entry isn't the good kind of retro. A recent Bloomberg survey found that manual entry in new enterprise technologies accounted for, "more than a quarter" of accounting errors. Reduce the risk of inaccurate invoicing or revenue recognition with ZAB by reducing manual entry.

Customize to Your Way.

Your technology should work your way. We built ZAB directly in NetSuite due to its unlimited configuration potential in meeting the exact needs of your business. There is no pricing model the pair can't handle – tiered, prepaid, minimum commits with overage, pooling, consumption and usage-based, you name it.

Compliance is King.

Nice try, ASC606. At the peak of the membership economy, changes in rev rec standards have companies tail-spinning to get compliant by the end of 2019. Not any more. With ZAB you get the most robust and unified revenue recognition solution in the market. Hello compliance, goodbye complication.

Grow without Worry

Don't just plan for the future. Prepare for it. Not all growth is planned – have the confidence your platforms can grow with you and any challenges that come along for the ride. Change the complexity and volume of data, transactions, and users without any costly updates, integrations, or the need for a new platform.

Sell Globally with Ease.

When you're ready to sell globally, so should your technology. Leverage the existing tax & localization functionalities of NetSuite to grow your business across oceans, all within ZAB. Apply all localization rules & requirements to any active or new pricing model without all the manual headaches.

Your ERP, Billing, and RevRec Belong Together.

Talk to Sales and get the only unified solution for all your billing and ERP needs.

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