• Rapidly create unique and compelling mobile, web, and in-store experiences to differentiate your brand and exceed customer expectations.
  • Provide consistent and personalized cross-channel experiences, targeted marketing and superior customer service with a single view of all customer interactions and transactions across all touchpoints and channels.
  • Meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill and return anywhere while maximizing profitability by centralizing order management and having a single view of inventory across all channels and the supply chain.
  • Be ready to respond to opportunities by quickly deploying sites for multiple business models, channels, brands, countries, currencies and languages, all on the same platform.
  • With a cloud-based infrastructure that unifies business applications and provides a central repository for order management and customer, item and inventory data, create seamless, omnichannel brand experiences and streamline your business.

Successful businesses have moved beyond the limits of individual channels and touchpoints to deliver true omnichannel shopping and service experiences. With an infrastructure that unifies business applications and provides a single source of item, inventory, customer and order data, it’s possible to create seamless, channel-agnostic, personalized experiences.

Why NetSuite Ecommerce?

  • Differentiate, adapt and bring innovation to your business faster.
  • Create uniquely branded and engaging shopping experiences optimized for any device.
  • Gain a single view of each customer across all channels for complete visibility into all online, in-store and call center activities.
  • Fulfill orders from multiple inventory locations to achieve optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline operations and eliminate costly, error-prone integrations between separate systems with a unified cloud commerce platform tied directly to your back office systems.
  • Provide a continuous buying journey by unifying the online and in-store experience.
  • Accelerate your speed of business across new channels, geographies and brands without purchasing additional licenses and investing in additional infrastructure.


Eliminate integrations between separate systems with natively unified ecommerce, POS, inventory and order management, marketing, merchandising, customer service and financials. Gain unprecedented, real-time visibility across your business by consolidating fragmented sources of data into a single repository to make informed, timely business decisions. NetSuite’s cloud-based solution provides the flexibility and adaptability needed to keep pace with business, reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies and eliminate the hassles of managing hardware and software.