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Zone Advanced Billing

Handle complex billing & subscription management entirely within the NetSuite platform

Finally, enterprise grade advanced billing management functionality and world class ERP unified in one platform.  Built entirely within the NetSuite platform, the Zone Advanced Billing module lets you easily create billing and subscription models to handle complex billing, usage, and pricing. 

Zone Advanced Billing handles a variety of billing functions such as fixed recurring fees, usage based billing, prepaid subscriptions, complex rating & pricing, consolidated invoicing, advanced invoice presentation, minimum commitments, master contracts, pooled usage, rollover usage, pro-rating, forecasting, inventory/fulfillment, and so much more. In addition, the system still leverages native NetSuite Invoicing, payments, and most importantly, Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) for revenue recognition for complex ASC 606 multi-element arrangements.

Vendor Bill Capture

Streamline and improve the efficiency of your procure-to-pay process by automating and linking key procurement transactions from inbound emails.

Vendor Bill Capture is focused on improving your Accounts Payable process. This bundle enables the electronic capture of inbound emails and their attachments sent to an email address such as Vendors are automatically matched based on the inbound email to create new Vendor Bills or Vendor Credits. The attachments to the email are included in the Vendor Bills so that you will always have an electronic copy of the invoice available in NetSuite.

You are also able to associate any attachments to existing transactions for the Vendor or link to open Purchase Orders. Electronic approvals of Vendor Bills can also be configured as part of this bundle – so that AP transactions are electronically distributed for approvals.

Vendor Data Requests

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The Vendor Data Requests functionality makes the process of setting up new Vendors incredibly easy.  All your required fields and documentation can be submitted by the Vendor electronically enabling you to simply review and approve. 

To initiate the process, you simply need to enter a company name and email address into the Vendor Data Request record.  An email will be sent to that supplier requesting they complete your New Vendor Setup form.  The email will include a highly secure link to an online setup form that the new supplier can complete.  This form can contain any fields you would like to capture (mostly commonly the contact info, ACH/bank account info, tax numbers, etc.).  These forms can also enable the supplier to upload supporting documents such as their W9 form or a voided check.  When the form is completed by the supplier you will be notified of a Vendor Data Request pending your approval. 

With a single click to approve the request, the Vendor record in NetSuite will be created automatically with all the data submitted by your Vendor.  Existing Vendor records can also be updated using this functionality — so if a Vendor moves and needs to update their contact information or would like to change their ACH/Bank information they can do so through this automated process.  You are able to delegate the initiation request to any of your NetSuite users — so if you have users/departments that frequently request new Vendors they can start the process, have their requested supplier complete all the required paperwork, and have it pending your review & approval.  Custom approval processes can also be added per your preference.

Bulk Invoice Distribution

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NetSuite natively sends transaction emails to a single address. The Bulk Email bundle allows the electronic distribution of Invoices (and other transactions) to multiple email addresses. These email addresses can be configured to use a multi-select of Contacts, or a text field of email addresses.

Employees can also be included in the invoice distribution – for example, the Sales Rep and Account Manager can also receive a copy of their Customer’s invoices along with the electronic distribution to the Customer’s billing contact(s). The bundle also includes some functionality to handle distribution of Invoices for accounts that do not have billing email addresses configured by placing those into the Print queue.

Transaction Column Locks

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The Transaction Column Lock functionality adds several “Lock” checkboxes on Item records. These checkboxes relate to specific native or custom transaction column fields that should be restricted from editing by targeted users. For example, on one Item the “Lock Description” checkbox would restrict users from being able to manually edit the Description field for the Item on an Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice, etc. If the “Lock Description” checkbox was not checked, the user would be able to edit the Item description on transactions. The native fields Quantity, Description, Price Level, Rate, Amount – plus any other native or custom transaction column field can be controlled by this bundle.

Each of these settings is done on an Item-by-Item basis. In addition to locking specific transaction fields from being able to be edited, the bundle also enables minimum & maximum values to be set for numeric fields – such as Quantity. Transaction Column Fields can also be required on an Item-by-Item basis. All of these controls ensure that users are not able to override fields they shouldn’t change, and require fields & values that need to be completed within the parameters defined by the Administrator.