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How does ZoneBilling connect to NetSuite?

Diana Good
Posted on  
January 20, 2022

ZoneBilling is a Native NetSuite SuiteApp, and this means ZoneBilling is entirely inside the walls of NetSuite. There is no integration or third-party system. Having an all-in-one solution allows you to eliminate the added costs and chaos involved with a multi-platform approach, eliminating reconciliations between billing and ERP systems.

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What’s the (less-than-ideal) alternative?

Managing third-party billing systems outside NetSuite requires integration to bring in the completed billing information. Your billing solution needs to be capable of seamlessly integrating with your entire tech stack—the combination of all the software tools and apps your company uses, including those for CRM, inventory management, and human resources (often included in an ERP, like NetSuite).

ZoneBilling - A unified platform for everything lead-to-revenue

As former CFOs, Controllers, and System Admins, we never understood why billing and revenue lived separately from financials. So, we did something about it. ZoneBilling was built directly in NetSuite as a native suite app, meaning no more separate platforms or logins to add more billing models like subscriptions. Just one unified platform for everything lead-to-revenue.

With an all-in-one billing solution? No chaos or added costs—just smooooth sailing.

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