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How does ZoneBilling access usage information managed in proprietary software?

Diana Good
Posted on  
January 31, 2022

Does your consumption or usage activity live in a system outside of NetSuite? No problem. An integration software can set up your proprietary system to send usage data to NetSuite, giving ZoneBilling seamless access to that information. This data transfer can happen in one of three ways: ZoneBilling API Wrapper, CSV upload, and manual entry.

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What is an API Wrapper?

ZoneBilling uses Integrate—a custom API Wrapper—to automatically collect data from any source and import usage information on a schedule. Integrate delivers data to NetSuite from any architecture.

How will ZoneBilling get my usage data if I don’t use the API Wrapper? 

In addition to the API Wrapper, you can also perform a CSV upload using NetSuite’s native import tool or manually enter usage into the system.

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